Chapter 11

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[A week later]

Very early this morning~

{Sebastian's POV}

I stared at Sombra with an emotionless expression while my heart was pounding on the inside. Venom held the tranquilizer gun tightly and stared at me, waiting for my orders which I would give just yet.

I continued to watch as Sombra went on her rampage. Her eyes entirely red, her nails like claws, her wings were pitch black, and her halo was blood red. She roared loudly as she ran towards another demon and jump on him. Her sharp teeth sank into it's neck as she then ripped it off and flung it to the side. She took a few steps back and growled lowly at the other demons, daring them to make a move. Hissing, they then charged at her. Venom made a weird sound from the back of his throat as if restraining himself from saying something. I held up my hand. "Don't interfere."

She jumped on top of one before kicking another in the face. She then grabbed another's demons face and slammed it into the ground, crushing it's skull and causing blood to splatter everywhere. Doing a back flip, she placed her hand on the ground, a crazy smile on her lips. "2% heavens strike." After saying those words ground beneath her hand turned white.

My eyes widened in panicked as Venom and I quickly jumped high into the air just when the ground exploded. A bright light blinded us and a ringing noise rang in our ears. After a few seconds that felt like hours the noise and light disappeared, allowing us to open our eyes and uncover our ears. We landed back on the uneven earth.

"Oh Gods." Venom mumbled in shock.

Sombra destroyed a giant section of the forest that we were in all just to kill the fucking demons.

If you ask me I think she was trying to kill us too.

She laughed insanely and clapped childishly. Licking the blood of her lips. "That was FUN! I want to do it again!"

"Sombra that's enough, not only did you use too much of your power but you did an unnecessary act that could have killed us! Get over here now!!" I ordered.

Her face slowly became emotionless. "Who do you think you are to order me around?"

"Your Master, now get over here!"

"Master? Master." She chuckled. "I've already being controlled and used. . . " Her eyes narrowed. "I'm not going to be anyone's pet anymore! Your not my Master!" She flew towards me, her eyes turning an even darker shade of red. I soon found myself pinned against the ground, her nails digging into my arms as she straddled me. She then lifted her hand up to slash my neck when she froze, a choked horse sound left her lips as her eyes turned back to normal and she fell onto her side. I got up and backed away from her.

There were 5 specially made tranquilizer darts in her neck. I looked to my left to see Venom still pointing the gun at her.

He gave her a large overdose of it, I don't know how it'll effect her but I'm sure she'll live.

She groaned loudly as she pulled out the darts before shakily standing up on her feet. "You son of a biiitch." She slurred before laughing. "I always get caught in the end, how annoying."

"What's gotten into you? You've never acted like this even in your rampages."

"I'm only getting stronger that's all. Why? You scared? The slave shouldn't be stronger than it's owner after all."

"Watch your tone Sombra, now let's go back to run a few tests. I want to make sure that your ok."

"And what if I don't? What will you do, punish me?" She snickered.

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