Chapter 14

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QOTD: What's the most cringe word you've ever heard?

QOTD: What's the most cringe word you've ever heard?

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Waking up the next morning was strange. Neil had pulled up a chair during the night and watched over me. In theory it sounds sweet but I would never want him to repeat the strange action again.

Opening my eyes to meet his right away was startling. The reason behind why he had was the only thing that stopped me from calling him a pervert.

"Are you all right? Does your neck hurt?" I opened my mouth to speak but he cut me off. "Do you need aspirin or whatever medicine you humans use."

I lightly pushed his chest away and sat up. "I'm fine."

"Do you need water?"

"No, thank you." He suddenly grabbed my face between his hands and tilted my head. His fingers softly ran over where he bit last night as he studied my facial expression intently. His eyebrows were furrowed in concentration as he tilted my head this way and that. His blonde hair fell over his forehead and scraped against his eyelids. "Stop that." I mumbled pushing his hands away limply.


"It feels weird." He ignored my protests and cupped my neck, right where he sunk his fangs into.

"Does it hurt?" He stroked the marks. I looked up to his light blue eyes in question. Why was he touching the mark so erotically?

"No." He made a soft humming noise and moved his hand so it were cupping my cheek. "Stop." I attempted to push his hand again but he grabbed both my wrists and held them in his possession.

"Elijah's going to try to kill me." He uttered while looking at the mark. "I think he might actually do it this time." He's tried before?

Neil got up from the chair and hovered over me. "What are you-" His lips cut me off and captured me in a deep kiss. He let my wrists go and grabbed my waist. I moaned quietly when he lightly bit my lip.

Reluctantly I pulled back for air. He gave me a charming smile and sat up. "I'll see you later."

"Where are you going?" He gave me a quick kiss before he was gone. I hated it with a passion when they did that.

Kasey walked in the door a few moments later and eyed my breathless state. "Were you masturbating?"





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