Smile Flower

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You never know who's falling for your smile


Y/n pov

I sighed as I walked down the halls of my school. It's two weeks before spring break and it can't roll around fast enough. I walked into English and sat in the back of the class where the teacher moved me because he wants all the bad kids in front yet he moves every jock then leaves Kendall Jenner next to me... Low key I'm not complaining at all... but it boggles my mind.

"Miss Jenner." Mr Giles said loudly making sure to get everyone's attention. Kendall bit her lip looking at me then had a grin as she turned to Mr Giles. "Sir." Kendall tilted her head a bit and he raised a brow then waved her off to away. "As I was saying before we were interrupted." He looked at Kendall who leaned back in her chair, way to comfortable in these chairs if you ask me. "Today we have double the time. I have good news and bad. Good news, no pop quiz bad news well be reading." He said walking to his desk and sat down. "James read." He said and someone answered James is absent. "Well since James is the only one who can read. And no one else I'll read." He groaned then opened the book and started reading.

Halfway through our first period Kendall had opened her text book and laid on her arms. She looks so attractive with her crop top that revealed nothing because she wore her skinny jeans the right way and don't get me started on her famous black leather jacket. I think she looks stunning in it and she has it on today... always when we have English, most of the time, not complaining at all. I looked at her and saw she had fallen asleep. I leaned over and doodled a little flower in the corner of her page. She did it once with me when I fell asleep and it made me wonder even more about the popular girl next to me. Yeah she looks fucking hot in her basketball shorts and high ponytail in the gym but... that flower. Maybe I'm over thinking as I always do.
I looked over and she didn't wake up so I leaned over and doodled another flower. I sat back and started doing an activity when I saw saw she had woken up. She gave me a small smile making all my insides melt. I continued with my activity when I looked over to her again I saw she had doodled an entire meadow around the two flowers she quickly tried to hide it. I acted like I didn't see it, I thought I was dreaming. But as her cheeks turned a little darker I knew I wasn't wasn't dreaming. I know your secret popular sports girl... you're just as dorky as the rest of us. Wait a minute, you're just as dorky as the rest if us. I put my pen down realising it now, it was obvious and right next to me all this time.

"You should smile more often, Flower." Kendall said and I looked at her sure my cheeks are dark pink. I opened my mouth and the bell rang. Her fellow team mates came and dragged her away immediately I watched her as she walked to the door. "Isabella." Kendall nodded her head then looked at me and smiled then got pulled out of class. "Hello dreamy pants." Bella waved her hand in front of me. "What was that ?" She asked pointing behind her and I shook my head. "Nothing." I said and she hummed. "Well huney. You still have to pack up your shit." She said and I realised now we were the only ones in the class. "Oh right." I got up while shoving everything into my backpack. "What has gotten into you ?" Bella asked as we walked in the halls to our lockers. "Nothing why ?" I asked and she scoffed. "Usually you pack everything so neatly in. You practically just shoved everything in there, if you open it everything might pop out like it's given birth." Bella said and I shook my head. "You're so dramatic." I said as we reached the lockers we quickly packed and then left to go to my house because apparently her sister is having the team over.

*tHe NeXt DaY*

I was listening but not listening to Bella as she spoke about some boy. We reached our lockers and I put my bag on one shoulder opening it getting my books I accidentally swapped, I just had to swap it back. "Dweeb !" A guy hit my bag causing my books to fall and me to hit the locker. "Douche !" Kendall came out of no where pinning him to the lockers. Everyone was watching now. Kendall pulled away and he came back. Bella glared at him as she stood closer. "I'm sorry Yn." He said and I looked at him confused and saw he meant it, I nodded. "Apology accepted." I said and he nodded. "Thank you." He left. Everyone went on with their stuff. "Isabella Hadid... you come here." Gigi came grabbing Bella by the arm walking into the girls bathroom. "Gigi wait Ken-" The door closed cutting her off.

I sighed as I kneeled to the ground gathering my books.

"Hey Flower." Kendall kneeled and started handing me my notes. "Hey." I whispered putting a strand of hair behind my ear. We got up and she held everything as I packed it away. "Oh. Keep English." She pointed out and I chuckled then took it out. She picked up my bag and held it as I shoved everything in. "Why'd you do that ?" Kendall asked and I looked behind her. "Do what ?" I asked and she shrugged. "Usually you pack it all. And zip your bag when the bell rings." She said and I bit my lip smiling. Does she watch me?  "I'm in no rush." She said holding my bag and I smiled packing it neatly and she held it up and I put it on my shoulders. "Thanks." I smiled and she nodded. "May I walk you to class ?" She asked and I looked at her, her sparkling brown eyes drawing me in. She started fiddling and I realised I haven't responded. "Uh-uhuh." Not what I had in mind as a response. I just smiled as she gestured I could walk and then walked next to me, the kids made way as we walked. It was small talk on our way to class but it felt like so much more than that.

*wEeK lAtEr DaY oF SpRiNg BrEaK*

Kendall pov

"Hey Flower, I got you flowers." I said handing Y/n flowers. "That's so sweet of you." She hugged me and I smiled wrapping my arms around her waist. "So who's fetching you ?" I asked standing back a bit looking at her and she frowned. "You know I drive with Bella and her driver." She said playing with the flowers wrapping paper and I nodded with a hum. "Yeah but she's sick and Gigi called fake sick today or had to take care of Isabella." I said and she groaned taking out her phone but held it in her hand looking up as if thinking. "Maybe I could give you a lift." I shrugged holding my smile and she smiled at me. "You're actually a real dork." She giggled and I chuckled with a shrug. "I like a smile on you." I said walking to my car. Thank the heavens I decided to take it today. "Thank you Dork." She said as she got in when I opened the door for her. I smiled at the nickname she uses for me. I walked over to my side and got in starting the car. I looked over and saw she was smelling the flowers and had a small smile that made it's way to her lips. I slowly backed up then drove out of the parking lot of the school and onto the freeway of LA.

"Do you have any plans for today ?" I asked and she shook her head. "Just lay by the swimming pool with my dog." Y/n said looking out the window then at me and I smiled. I'd like to see that. "Do you like frozen yogurt ?" I asked and she shrugged. "I've never really eaten it. My dad always goes with ice cream." Y/n said and I looked at her surprised then back at the road but still shocked. "I'm taking you to a froyo shop now. If that's okay with you ?" I asked glancing at her and she laughed. I smiled at her laugh, I want to hear it again. "I don't have any other plans." She shrugged and I smiled nodding.

We went and got some froyo. I drove us to the beach and we now sat on the hood of my car. Y/n was explaining how the waves formed, she's really smart. I like that about her, it's one of the many things I bet I'll like about her. Hopefully she'll like me too. I took a big bite regretting it instantly. "Brain freeze." I gritted my teeth. "You drok." She laughed and I chuckled looking at her as she now looked at me not the sea anymore. I felt my heart racing as I contemplated on my move. "I - I like you." I said and Y/n stopped and looked at me. "For the first time my summer is looking up." Y/n said and I looked at her confused. "Cause I like you too." She said and I smiled brightly.

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