~Chapter Thirteen~

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I literally, woke up with the chirping in the Robin's nest that is underneath my bedroom window. I don't have the heart to have the bird's nest removed. I laid awake staring at the ceiling in a fog. I was so excited that Sabine, was actually coming for breakfast this morning. The suns golden rays started peeking through my blinds. The brilliant light airiness surrounded me, and I bounced out of bed.

I don't know how to explain these emotions, that I've been experiencing. It actually, started when Sabine became my assistant. At first, I thought it was just in my imagination. Then slowly, I would get slight feelings of my heart palpitating whenever she was near. I started noticing how truly beautiful she was. It bothered me when she said no to working late, because she had a date. . . I actually felt a slight pang of jealousy.

I didn't even like her, back when I first met her. She was as cold, as a frozen ice sickle in Siberia toward me, and beyond feisty. She was spirited, with a lot of fight and sassiness to her. Yet, there was always something lingering in my mind, that I couldn't place about her.


As soon as I reached the landing of the staircase, "Good morning Shayne, I hear you have a guest coming for breakfast." Grey couldn't resist the moment to get that in, as he stood there eyeing me with a knowing grin from ear to ear.

Kendall hit his shoulder, "Good morning Shayne. Grey, is a big kid. Don't pay him any mind! I'm thrilled Sabine is coming for breakfast." She smiled brightly.

"Where are the kids?" I didn't see Grey's son, or daughter.

"Oh, Little Grey, Priscilla, and Mariposa are involved in some fundraiser at the High School." Brody answered while he, Sheila, and Aunt Rachel entered the door.

Tre, took off his ear buds, "I think I'm the only teenager coming this morning. Amelia and Anna are vacationing with their college friends."

"Don't remind me, I miss my girls! I'm glad they'll be home soon. This going away to College business, is tough on a parent." Colton's eyebrows were furrowed, with a deep crease in between them. He is a real doting father.

Aunt Ava entered the foyer, "Good morning everyone, well I guess our
traditional breakfast gathering will be more intimate. Now, I'm really
happy that I invited, Sabine." She winked at me, and gestured for me to
bend down so she could kiss my cheek.

Colin, Bianca, and Baby Colin all came down the stairs, and entered the fray of conversation about this morning's breakfast. At least Baby Colin was in a good mood. He received so many hugs and kisses, as he was passed from one family member to another.

The doorbell chimed, and I immediately went to answer the door, "Good morning Sabine, welcome to Carrington Ranch." My heart was singing, and I hoped that she didn't notice the tune.

I could tell she was very nervous, and out of her element. Her voice shook, "Good morning, Shayne." She stepped inside the foyer with a bouquet of flowers.

Aunt Ava, greeted her with her signature motherly hug, "I'm so happy that you accepted my invitation, darlin. Are these flowers for me?" She looked stunned.

"Thank you for inviting me. Yes, the flowers are for you. Just a small token of my appreciation." Sabine handed her the beautiful bouquet.

Everyone could tell that Aunt Ava, was touched by her extreme thoughtfulness. I don't think anyone had ever done that before. My aunt actually got a little misty eyed.

I knew in that moment, Sabine Harlow was special.

I made all of the formal introductions between everyone and Sabine, even though they knew her from work. This was somehow different, and I wanted her to know that I was officially, introducing her to my family. . .

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