Part 1

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'hi, my name is Kim Jungkook or My daddy always call me 'Kookie'. Saying my own name make me hungry. I lived with my daddy who’d declared himself as most handsome in the earth or worlwide handsome-'

There is a man stepped out from his room with his messy hair with his frame glasses on his bridge nose. There’s a bags under his eyes and he yawned. He muttered 'Kookie' name while ruffling his own hair.

'My daddy is most responsible in the world. He always make food for me,  play with me, helping me with maths'

That man cracked open the egg and frying it on hot pan. His hand quickly grabbed something to put on his hot pan. The smell good from hot frying pan making the toddler aged 5 years old awake from his sleep.

'I never seen or met my mummy since I was born. Daddy said, mummy is a most beautiful woman in the earth and her name is Kim (Lee)  Seohyun.  My daddy said she was a kind woman and pretty,  everyone like her but now she went to the far far place. Daddy said mummy will never come back but she’s looked us from above. Daddy say I should pray for mummy for her life at above. I always heard the ahjummas always saying I'm a lucky child because I have hot daddy'

' hmm- what’s that ‘hot’ mean? My daddy is not for cook even though he always cooking for us. It's okay,  I always my daddy'

“Good morning mummy~!” the cute toddler greeted a picture frame and give a smooch upon it. He climbed out from the bed with his small and chubby leg to brrakfast before his daddy get inside forcing him to get a bath.  He opened the door and revealing a handsome man stood in front of the door while crossing his arm,  tapping his foot. The said man give a little smirk to his child. 

“Jungkook, what daddy said before you’re wake up to breakfast?” that handsome man raise his left eyebrows looking at his cute and adorable child who fiddling his own fingers. 

Jungkook pouted while looking up at his daddy.  He does puppy eyes and still pouted adorably as his weapon. Then, he hugged that man’s long legs. 

“daddyyyy~~Kookie want have a shower with you~~~but I’m hungryy~!” Jungkook said with batting his eyelashes. Who can resist tho? That man sighed and then crouch down towards Jungkook. Jungkook can saw his daddy’s beautiful eyes and handsome features with sharp jawline. Jungkook wondered for a while, is this people always saying his daddy for cooking?. He mean 'hot'. 

The said man pinch slowly Jungkook's nose and chuckle. “Okay, we’re shower together first and then, we’re have breakfast together, okay buddy?”

“okay daddy!” that man lifted up Jungkook and stripped their cloths together for having their shower. The bathroom echoed the laughs from Jungkook and his daddy. 

'I forgot to tell everyone, my ‘hot’ daddy is Kim Seokjin.'

“yeah, I know Yoongi-ah, just keep convinced them to have confident with us.” Seokjin said through his cell phone while spooning his breakfast onto his mouth. Jungkook just finished his breakfast while waiting his daddy. He’s playing with his robot toy named Luke.

“uh, what the fuck is that? They rejected our event?” Seokjin gritted his teeth while massaging his temple. He hope his son didn't hear his vulgar words while closing Jungkook's ears.

“now tell me Yoongi, who’s managed that project? He wants to be fired?!” Seokjin snapped. For a minutes, he talk again. “For fuck sake, manage my time to meet that fucker owner by my own! I wanna know why he rejected our ideas. Didn’t they know it’s related millions dollar?!.”

“ that’s a new owner now? He’s inherited from his father? Ckk..such a brat he is. Now Yoongs, I want you compile all my files and make an appointment with them.”

“Thank you Yoongs and more thing..if this project succeed, I will treat all of my workers.”

“yes, keep my word.”

Seokjin hang up the call with heavy sighed.

“daddy, everything is okay? You want Kookie helping you?” Seokjin smiled while ruffled Jungkook’s hair. How lucky he had his son in his life. 

“I’m okay baby, just something get into my nerves. Are you done?” Jungkook nodded and burped.

“Let’s go. You’ll be late go to school.” Seokjin get Jungkook’s backpack and helping him to wore it. Then, Seokjin lifted up Jungkook’s in his arms and turn off air conditioner and closing the door with his password.

“Don’t naughty at school okay. Don't trouble teachers, arra?” Seokjin kissed his son's forehead while Jungkook nodded his head. Seokjin smiled when he watch his adorable son ran towards his friends who waited for him. Seokjin wore sunglasses and climbed in his car. He smirked when the ahjummas and noonas already wooing and awed with his look.

“woah..that Kim guy are so handsome isn’t it?”

“how I wanna have someone like that in my lifetime.”


Seokjin was used with that screamed and flirted at kindergarten, so he ignored it. If he has such a good mood, he will greet them with his own will. But, not today. He must dealing with someone today and it must be hard.

“good morning Seokjin-sshi~” they’re greeted him while bowing to their boss and Seokjin bowed back as respected.  Seokjin take out his cell phone before he got into an elevator reach his main office.

“Hello, may I speak to Kim Namjoon. Say this is Kim Seokjin.”

“what? He’s not in the office?”

Seokjin sighed. “if he’s in office, tell him his friend call him. Then, say to him if he’s got a problem find me. I’m worried.”

“Thank you.”

Seokjin stepped in the elevator and he was greeted by his workers. Then, he’s spot his secretary, Min Yoongi.

“Yoongi, what time I have to meet him?” Seokjin asked.

“I already asked, after lunch within 3 o’clock.”

  “what?! Are you kidding me? Why so late?” Seokjin asked in shocked state. Both of them walked out the elevator and stepped inside Seokjin’s main office. He sat on the chair while continue his secretary speak.

“his secretary said, his boss always come in at office that late, Seokjin.” Yoongi sat on his seat too while flipping his file. Seokjin sighed again.

“Yoongi-ah, please help me fetch my son at kindergarten, pretty please.” Seokjin pleaded with clasped both of his hand. Yoongi and he is a best friend since he started his worked here. Seokjin already consider  as his best friend and didn’t mind if Yoongi doing his work without formality. Sometimes, Seokjin will consider Yoongi worked because he has a talent too in drawing and give bright ideas for their company.

“don’t worry Seokjin-ah, I will fetch him.”
Seokjin nodded his head and murmured thanks.

“by the way Seokjin-ah, you wanted to go there alone. You wanna bring along one of your worker?”

“yes, why?”

“nothing. Recently I hear that new owner always making a fuss with his client. Not only that, his immature attitude is..he is a playboy.”

Seokjin laughed. “why is that you worried about? I will punch his face before hs flirted me if he rejected my idea once again. This is our work hard, you know.”
Yoongi just nodded understandingly and shrugged. “if you said so, nothing I worried about"

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