Mr. & Mrs. Sungit SC #1

Magsimula sa umpisa

We have been together through tough times…

We’ve waited 5 long years to get the wedding going….

 We vowed and promise each other to love one another till death do us part.

 Akala ko dun na yung climax …. Hindi pa pala… Akala ko, napagdaanan na namin lahat…

Oh boy, I was certainly wrong.


It was that one faithful night which changed my life forever.

 I am

The soon-to-be


“ ex-wife of Josh Leonard Valdez III.”




My life is a mess and everything turned out into bullsh*ts.


 I received a letter through email at the same time, meron ring nagdeliver through snail mail…… with the same content.

“Mrs. Fara Valencia Valdez, you’re court trial pertaining to your annulment on your marriage to Mr. Josh Leonard Valdez III will start tomorrow, July 11, 2012… We are hoping for your appearance in the court.”

 Marami pang nakalagay diyan actually… Hindi ko na binasa.. Ito lang talaga ang tumatak sa isip ko.

 Parang kelan lang… ang saya-saya pa namin, then suddenly, we’re already facing this?!

Ms. Sungit Meets Mr. Sungit (Completed)Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!