I Was Born to Tour With You

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Chapter One:

*Cameron’s POV*

“Cameron?! Where in the world is Zach?”Stefanie, our manager, yelled at me, fuming.

“No clue.” I answered, texting Zach and letting him know that she was going to kill him if he didn’t get his butt here- and quick.

“I told him yesterday the band meeting is at four and what time is it? SIX!” she yelled, pacing the room. I exchanged a look with Michael.

“Chill, Stef. He’ll be here.” Michael said. My phone dinged and I peeked at the screen.

“That was him, he’s on his way.” I assured her. Seconds later, Zach burst through the door, his clothes drenched and a huge smile upon his face.

“Where were you?!” Stefanie demanded.

“The water park.”


“Just because.” Zach said.

Michael and I exchanged yet another glance. We knew exactly why he was at the water park. To see Emily, who worked there, and he so happened to have a gigantic crush on. Michael and I burst out laughing as soon as Stefanie left the room to gather papers for the meeting.

“Looks like Zachary went to hang out with his little girlfriend.” Michael teased.

“She’s not my girlfriend.” Zach said, but he was blushing.

“Okay, the matters we have to discuss include your new tour.” Stefanie said, entering the room. She handed us all papers and my eyes scanned the pages until I came to the dates and who we’d be touring with. There were about fifty different dates, scattered all over the world. My eyes fell on the band name we’d be touring with.

“One Direction?” Zach asked quizzically.

“Yeah! You know the British/Irish boy band?” Stefanie said excitedly, “I think this tour will be really good for you guys.”

“But…we have no idea who these guys are. Well aside from Cameron. He bought their album.” Michael says, laughing when he mentions me.

“Yeah, it was pretty dope.” I said.

“Well, it’s all set. You leave in three days.” Stefanie said. “Hello?” she asked, answering her phone and exiting the room, waving goodbye to us as she did.

We all looked at each other. This was outside our comfort zone. Usually, when we toured, we had actually gotten to know the band. We knew nothing about One Direction, aside from their popularity. I took out my IPhone and pulled up Twitter, signing into the band account.

‘Hey guys! We are pleased to announce that we will be co-headlining with @OneDirection in a worldwide tour! Dates will be posted soon.’

I laughed as the fans replied with the usual “Ugh why did you say soon?” and “Omfg when is soon?” Most fans were beyond excited about the tour, especially the fact that it was worldwide, but some were afraid about not getting tickets and thought the combination of the two bands didn’t quite fit. I signed out after following and replying to a few people and immediately started my research on One Direction. Who knows we might get along with them, but either way this was going to be a long tour.\

I know this is super short but I’ll try to make it longer. I’m going to be writing the chapters from Adub’s POV while Kylie will be writing the ones from 1D’s. Anyway, please don’t forget to comment (even if it’s to tell me this sucks), vote, and fan!

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