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3rd Person PoV

It was a normal day for Zach Salvatore. Mystic Falls was not the most interesting place, at least not normally. He had tended to the vervain plants he grew in a locked room in the basement. Vervain was mostly used for subduing vampires and since the town always had problems with the supernatural, they definitely needed it. Zach, whose distant family consisted of vampires, volunteered to supply the town with the rare plant.

Around noon, Zach was staring out of one of the many windows in his house, thinking about his life, when all of a sudden his gaze landed on a tiny figure several feet into the woods. He immediately ran outside, closer to the figure. The closer he got, the more panicked he felt. It was a girl, a little girl of maybe six or seven. She seemed to be hurt pretty badly and bleeding from several wounds. How did she get here? Who would do such a thing? All of these questions ran through the Salvatore's head, when he carefully scooped the unconscious girl into his arms. He raced back towards the Boarding House and to his car. Hopefully, he could get her to Grayson – the town's best doctor – before anything happened.

During the drive, the man constantly checked on the little one, who had started trembling in the passenger seat.

"Grayson," he shouted, bursting through the doors of the Gilbert's clinic "Grayson!"

A man in his late twenties with dark brown hair came out of a door to the right of the entrance area "Zach? What are you doing... What happened?" In a second Grayson was next to the other man, staring down at the child in concern.

"I... I'm not sure. I found her at the edge of the woods behind the Boarding House," Zach explained, laying his cargo down onto the exam table.

Grayson hummed "It's good that you brought her here..." the doctor paused for a moment "Could you possibly help me? My assistant isn't here and I'm going to need help."

The only living Salvatore stared at his friend with wide eyes "Me?"

"The faster I get her treated, the better," Grayson shrugged "Lift her up a bit? I need to get rid of those clothes."

Over the course of the examination, both men got angrier and angrier with every new and old wound they found. Whoever treated this child like this was going to pay. The girl had several old scars on her back along with several bruises on her stomach, face and she had two bad cuts. The one on her arm looked the least harmless of the two, maybe a bit too close to her vein, but manageable. The second cut though seemed to be laced with some sort of venom. All around the injury there was this black substance and the wound seemed to be badly infected already, even though it seemed a few hours old at most. Then there was the tremors that randomly shook her small, emaciated body. It took them several hours to finish up enough to be comfortable with the result.

"Thanks, Zach," Grayson nodded in gratitude "I think... I think I'm going to have to call Liz to let her know about this."

Zach was still staring at the small child "How old do you think she is?"

"It's hard to say," the doctor remarked "She's small and severely malnourished, so she could be between six and eight at the most. Are you okay?"

"Yeah, yeah. I just don't get how someone could do something like this."

Grayson, who had grabbed the phone from the wall, looked at the other man in sympathy "Me neither. It's disgusting. We can only hope that she will recover from this. Physically she should make a full recovery from what I can see, but her mental state is another thing entirely." The doctor held the phone up to his ear "Liz, it's Grayson. Listen, I have a patient... I think you should come to the clinic. This isn't something... Please, come down here as soon as you can."

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