“Wow, you really suck at this.”

Offering Reece my best death glare, I try to keep my balance on his skateboard for longer than two seconds without making a complete and utter fool out of myself.

Well. Obviously, I fail.


Time slows down as the skateboard swiftly slips from beneath my feet, making me trip over my own legs and land on my butt. 

Yay life.

My cheeks begin to burn with embarrassment as the boys howl with laughter. In moments, Dennis is right by my side, helping me up like the gentleman he is.

Reece on the other hand, is having trouble breathing from his laughing fit.

Ignoring the jerk, I reach out for my water bottle, unscrew the lid and quickly swallow a mouthful.

Suddenly, I find myself violently choking from the burning sensation at the back of my throat.

Coughing aggressively, I stare back at them with wide eyes.  “What the…? What is this?!”

Valentino smiled innocently, “Water?”

Coughing again, I am moments away from exploding with rage, “That,” I mentioned, pointing towards the clear liquid in the bottle, “is not water.”

My eyes flickered to Reece’s smug-looking expression as he stared back at me with so much amusement.

He feigned a guilty look, “Damn Chloe, looks like our bottles accidentally got mixed up.” He told me, shrugging as he handed me my actual water bottle, “But hey, congratulations, you just had your first shot of Vodka.”

“Gee. Thanks.”

“No worries.”

“I hate you.”

“You love me.”

I turned away from his piercing gaze, knowing that if I continued looking at him then I’d get lost in his mischievous eyes. And right now, I was supposed to be mad at him.

So why can’t I stop smiling?

Opening the trunk and sitting on the edge of the vehicle, I admired our surrounding. We were currently parked alongside a deserted road, in front of the only gas station there was at reach for a long time. Thankfully, it also had a fast food outlet, so the twins had gone in to get us some lunch and snacks.

Logging onto my Facebook account on Valentino’s iphone, I noticed I had a new private message.


How are you love?! It’s been a million years since we last spoke!
We need to catch up one day, there’s so much I have to tell you!

Remember that day you came over and we went on about my type of guy? Loud, confident and preferably with green eyes?

Well, I think I’ve just fallen for the complete opposite.

You see, there’s this boy in my Biology class, and he’s just so... (ugh, I can’t even find the right words to describe him)…he’s so…different!

He gets into trouble a lot - he's a badass. But he doesn’t hang out with anyone. He’s always alone, because he wants to be, not because people wont talk to him, cause they do try to, I’ve seen it happen so many times.  People always try to start a conversation with him, but he just bluntly ignores them and leaves. Hell, this guy doesn’t even smile. 
But then there’s me… his exact opposite. 
And it’s just so interesting to meet someone who is so unpredictable. What’s even more fascinating is that although he doesn’t talk to anyone, he says ‘Whats up’ to me whenever he walks past.

Oh, and yesterday when we were talking, I didn’t just make him smile (which by the way is the RAREST, most amazing and adorable thing, ever), I made him laugh too.

Oh my God. I didn’t realize I wrote so much! Sorry!

Any chance you’re free next Saturday? Maybe we could go out for brunch?

Much love!


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