battle pass season 4!!

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so the battle pass came out a few days ago... what are your opinions on the new map and skins?
areas that were hit:
dusty (most of it)
the prison
and i think it was moisty mire that's now gone into rusty reels but i cant remember if that was hit or not.
they have added the orange shirt kids dance along with another one called hype.
there's a load of new skins, emotes, sprays (literal spray paints for the map), backgrounds and vbucks every time you upgrade your battle pass page.
my opinions:
the skins are really good but i really hate what they did to dusty because it used to be really good just as dusty depot, dusty divot is a no no. tilted is alright still and i'm glad most of it is still here.
everyone comment your opinions on the skins, map and everything they've  added. also, tysm for 5k :)

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