Please 2! 4 - Accessories are important

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"So this is the famous otaku district you've talked so much about," Seiji said, trying to keep his expression neutral as he looked around.

"Yes, but call it Akihabara instead of the otaku district," Yuuto said, not bothering to contain his happiness, clinging to his boyfriend's arm with a huge smile. Can't believe Seiji agreed to come here. "Or Akiba, if you prefer."

"I prefer to keep any comment to myself." The artist was discreet, but he still looked at everything and everyone as if he couldn't believe what his eyes saw. His neutral expression broke whenever he saw something too different. "Are those guys carrying toy guns?"

Yuuto turned to where Seiji looked. There was a group composed of mostly men and a couple women holding guns wrapped with a black cloth and dressed in camouflage.

"Not toy guns. Those are airsoft guns. I'm guessing they're survival game players," the teacher answered before his boyfriend had the chance to ask.

"Okay... The camouflage had me for a second. I was like, wow, where are they?'" Seiji joked and smiled but it wasn't enough to hide his 'I give up' look. Then he turned to Yuuto with an awkward smile. "To be honest, when you suggested a date, I was thinking something more..."

Yuuto knew what his boyfriend meant, but still pretended to be confused.

"More what?" he asked with a curious and innocent expression. Like I don't know what you want, he thought, doing his best to suppress his smile.

"You know... less this..." Seiji gestured at the main street of Akiba, "and more romantic and with a strong possibility that it'd end in a love hotel or something."

"Oh... you wanna be all romantic with me..." Yuuto showed a gentle smile.

The painter blushed and averted his eyes. "That's obvious... you should know that," he mumbled.

Yuuto walked closer to him, waiting until Seiji looked at him again. "And who says I haven't planned a little detour to a hotel later?" he whispered, his smile turning sly.

Seiji widened his eyes and then pressed his lips to hide his excitement. "How about if we skip the date and go straight to the hotel then?"

"That sounds tempting," Yuuto said, nodding his head as he pressed his lips. After a moment considering, he flashed a wide grin at his boyfriend. "I still want the date you promised."

"Fine, fine," Seiji said and dropped his shoulders, sighing in the defeat. But despite his attitude, he still smiled. "But can you at least tell me why you came dressed as a girl?"

Yuuto looked down at his clothes and opened his arms to show his outfit to Seiji.

"Don't you think it's cute? It's just a few clothes from various cosplay that I put together. I spent so much time choosing something you'd like for our first date after so long..."

The teacher stopped smiling and lowered the arms and the eyes, looking all dejected. He knew Seiji realized it was fake, but the artist still hurried to console his boyfriend.

"You look cute," he said, leaning in to kiss Yuuto. "Even if you're not either Yuuto or Yuuno right now, you're the cutest boyfriend I ever had."

Yuuto smiled and blushed. "Correction. I'm the only boyfriend you ever had."

Seiji laughed. "The best, the cutest and the one who drives me crazy and happy the most" He kissed Yuuto again, more passionately this time.

For a moment, the cosplayer thought his boyfriend would forget that they were outside. He tried to end the kiss, but his mind stopped working properly, losing itself on those lips he loved so much.

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