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When F.P had left, Alice rushed upstairs to make sure her daughter wasn't upset. She had literally just walked in on her mom and boyfriends dad nearly having sex so...
"Betty honey are you in here" Alice said, knocking on Betty's bedroom door. She hated making her daughter upset, because Betty was frittle and easy to break.
"Yeah why mom" there was a clear sob in her voice as Alice opened the door.
Betty was fully dressed, curled up into a ball on her bed. Tears had stained her skin.
"Can't you just go. I'm sure FP is waiting for you!" She exclaimed and turned away.
"Betty, it's not like that. He was there, and your father wasn't, He really never is. I've had a tough and depressing week and I promise it will never happen again." Alice plead. She hated this, having to convince her daughter she wouldn't kiss FP again.
"Fine. But where even is dad?"
"He never came back after he went to find you. He just went upstairs and got changed then left." Alice sighed.
"Wait mom was he wearing a leather jacket?" Betty's face was white as her ongoing thoughts came to a stop.
"I don't know but he wasn't dressed like he normally does. He didn't comb his hair and his outfit was old and scruffy"
Betty stood up from her bed and gave her mom a hug.
"I love you Mum but I'm gonna head to school now, I don't want to be late" she smiled and left the room.

It was dinner time and Hal cooper came barging into Alice's house. His hair was nearer but he was still wearing his scruffy outfit.
"Hal where the hell have you been! Betty came back ages ago." Alice's face showed clear annoyance. It was almost like she cared but didn't care.
"I was so far out of town that I decided to stay at a nearby motel. I'm sorry that I wasn't home sooner honey." Those words made Alice gag. He was such a shitbag. Full of shit and when he opens his mouth, shit comes out.
He leant into his wife and attempted to kiss her but she turned her head and left him to kiss her cheek.
"Sorry but you look like you haven't washed all night and I'm not in the mood to get some weird illness. Now if you excuse me, I need to go get myself a coffee"
"I'll join you."
"No! Thanks but I'm leaving to get away for a bit. See you later Hal" she stormed past her husband and exited the house. She didn't know where she was going to go and she knew damn well that she disliked all the coffee shops in the town. Her car door opened as she crawled inside and started the engine. Alice decided to drive to sweetwater river for some well deserved alone time but this plan was soon interrupted when she heard a bang at the front of her car.

"SHIT!" She screamed as she realised what happened. She had just hit someone with her car. Alice scrambled out and peered at the floor.
"Ow!" The voice said.
He didn't answer...
No answer
"FUCK FP!" She turned red as she realised what that translated to. "No don't do that just help him Alice!"
After a long and hard carry to the car, she helped him in and pulled out his phone. The lock screen was a picture of Jughead and him. She rang Jughead.
No answer
She rang Fred next.

Fred- hey bud. How's your plan going along?
Alice- Fred shit help me
Fred- Alice!? Wow his plan worked!
Alice- please help me.
Fred- Alice drive to my house and pick me up Ok?
Alice hung up the phone and sped down to Fred's house.

Fred heard the knock and grabbed his bag, running out the house and into Alice's car.
"Aren't you gonna like seatbelt him In Alice?"
"Fine!" She climbed into the back of the truck where FP lay and sat on his lap, seat belting him in. Fred immediately pulled out his phone and started filming, it looked like Alice was lap dancing him.
"Fred it won't go in!" Fred was still filming
"Now it's stuck shit help me!"
"FRED ARE YOU FILMING THIS!?" Alice turned around to look at Fred and turned red. She knew why he was filming. Her pose, her language, it looked like she was fucking him!
"I'm not Alice what are you talking about" he laughed and tried to put his phone away when Alice attempted to grab it off him. But Fred wasn't going to give up. He then "accidentally" clicked on the upload button. Lord knows how but almost immediately after he did that his phone died. Fred smirked.
"What the fuck did you do!?"
"I may or may not have uploaded that video to my story.... it was an accident but my phones dead so I'll charge it later. We should get FP to the hospital, unless you prefer it when he's helpless....."
Alice smacked him and climbed back into the front.

At the hospital, Alice's Heart was racing. She literally had just ran over a man. Fred was still laughing over the whole upload situation when the nurse came from inside the room where FP was.
"Please can I see Mr Jones wife?"
Alice opened her mouth to speak but Fred soon beat her to it.
"Go in then, Mrs Jones. She's a bit emotional though so be careful with her." Fred pushed Alice forward and walked away. Why the hell was h  doing all of this?!
"Ok. So FP is recovering quickly. He doesn't have any broken bones and he's awake so you can go and see him if you like."
"Yes please. If it's ok I'd like to see my ... husband." She smiled but then tried to stay focused. She had to apologise.

A knock came from the door as FP sat up in his bed. He was wearing his T-shirt but it had holes in from where the testing wires came from.
"Come in." FP shouted
"FP I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to." Alice began to tear up. She played with the sleeves of her blouse and kicked at her jeans.
"Alice slow down what are you on about!"
"I ran over you FP..."
"Wait seriously. Is that why I'm in hospital. Because your dumbass decided to run me over" he began to laugh "it's all Fine Alice, really. It's like pay back for me showing up at Betty."
"Well anyway. I'm just sorry, about everything. About Charles and then making you fall and your drinking problem. There all my fault. I feel guilty about them everyday you know that! I really do lo..." Alice's phone began to ring.
"I'm sorry I better take this..."

Alice- Hello Alice speaking
Hal- Alice what the fuck did Fred just post?

Love the way you guys liked the first chapter because I was honestly so scared you wouldn't. I kinda strayed a bit from the plot on this chapter but I love the comedy aspect of it.
Thanks for being great Pom poms
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Qotd- Did you lik Chic
A- YES! I had my dodgy thoughts about him but i think he brings something riverdale needed. He had a great storyline and i pray he survives xxx.

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