chapter 18

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Rosie pov:-

"I accepted that, that they never loved me or will ever, so I distanced myself from them, I never saw them or talked with them for five years. One day some guards came and arrested me, I was confused. They took me to my parents. My accused me of kidnapping my sister and killing her. I begged to them saying I know nothing of her, but they never gave heed to my pleading. Every day they used to torture me asking me the question which answer I was not aware of. At one point I stopped begging them, I realized that they were never going to believe me. All those years I wished for only one thing, that is death", I bought him closer to me, hugging him tight to my chest. I cupped his face and looked at his red eyes which was due to his threatening tears.

"That's only thing I wished for, for five years they abused me, they tortured me mercilessly. My father stood there and watched the guards whipping me. I didn't have my wolf at that time, so I didn't heal fast.  I was happy when they announced my punishment, which was death, I was happy that all the pain was going to end at last. Before they could hung me, two of the guards came running with a fragile girl in their hands. My mother ran to her and cradled her to chest. They didn't care about me that I was in a stage of dying. They called doctors to their daughter but not me. I just laid in the center and looked at my parents crying for my sister to wake up. I felt a sudden anger surface inside me, all the Injustice they did played in front of me. I shifted in my wolf earlier in anger, I don't know what was happening to me I was fully consumed in rage", he left a heart wrenching sob and hugged me tight pulling me to his lap. Tears ran freel face.

"After seeing them I ran away, I ran away from them, from their Injustice. I don't know where I was running but soon I reached a small hut, it was a old hut. There lived a old lady mederith, she was a witch. She took me in with her, she took care of me and thought me some of her magic . I lived with her for ten years. Away from everyone, away from all the pain they gave me, away from all the partiality. One day mederith sent me away to bring some items, when I returned back I saw my parents in the hut. They begged and cried for my forgiveness but I didn't because they never heard my pleas. They asked me to return to the kingdom because I was the rightful king. I then realized that they were concerned about the kingdom but not me. I refused them but mederith ordered me and made me to promise her,  I went back without a choice, but my parents didn't return with me. They with the help of Meredith created a land for themselves and left there to live by themselves. When people saw me returning alone they thought that I killed them for the throne. Then I was crowned the king of werewolf. Everyone was scared of me and it felt good to be in power, I fed on their fear. By the time passing I became more stronger and ruthless. I killed many in my barehand without a small remorse. That's why they call me the dark king because they think I have a black heart void of emotions", he laughed sadly, tears were still streaming down his face.

"All I ever asked for is some love and affection is it too much to ask", he asked me, he looked vulnerable and lost but mostly heart broken, I shook my head and cupped his face in my hands.

"No its not, you deserve all the love in this world could give, y-..", he interrupted me, he  stood up angrily and started throwing things around. His eyes turned to golden. His sad face turned into one of the rage one's.

"Why, why didn't they love me like they loved ella? What was wrong about me? I was the heir they should have loved me more. Why did they hate me so much", he threw the table towards the window, the window shattered and broke in millions of pieces, just like his heart.

"Edward stop please, stop, please stop  ", I cried rushing towards him, I tried to grab him but he pushed me off. I tried the mind link but he pushed the barrier down.

"I need answers, I need them now. why they hate me so much? Why? She birthed me just like she birthed ella, why she hated me not ella?", he was tearing up the bed now, tears were streaming down on his face. He looked lost and broken. 

I ran to him and hugged him to my chest, sobbing my heart out with him. If only I could take his pain, if only I could answer his questions. Nothing was his fault but he suffered. All his life he lived a lonely life hoping and waiting for someone to love him, look after him, care for him.

"Please don't leave me, don't hate me like others do, please", he pleaded his eyes were glossy and red from his unshed tears. His lips wobbled a little. I bought his head up facing mine.

"I will not leave you or hate you ever. I'm here with you, I will not leave you even if you say me to", I said looking straight in his eyes to show my sincerity. He has suffered too much. He searched my eyes for something. His golden eyes changed back to dark grey ones. He leaned his forehead on mine.

"Promise me", his whispered, I didn't answer but captured his lips in mine and kissed him with all I ever had. He kissed me back with the same intensity. That was the when I knew he was all I had and me for him.

"Promise", I pulled away from him. He leaned his head on my chest and snuggled closer. We stayed in the same position I don't for how many hours in silence. I looked around the room it was fully trashed and broken. Our bed got the most hit of all, it was completely broken, the feathers from the pillow flew around the room.

"Rose", he said break the silence between us. I looked down at him, his eyes were red and puffed because of crying. He opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out. I gave him a small encouraging smile.

He opened his mind link I gasped at the sudden action, his mind was jumping and mess. His thoughts were running wild. His sadness and sorrow from his insecurities everything was bare before me. His insecurities and doubt about us, about me. I looked at his broken face and that time I realized something, something that was very important, something which I refused to acknowledge before, something we both need, something he needs and always wanted. I did the first thing that came into my mind and whispered out the words which he waited for years for someone to say to him, for which he suffered all those years.

"I love you".


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