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I was on my way to gym and noticed Jasper and another group all staring at me from a place down the hall, I quickly hurried to find the gym their stares making me uncomfort-able.

I slowed my pace down to walk as I entered the gym. We were playing volleyball, which im not that good at.

When the bell rang I slowly walked to my third period English, being around five minutes late due to me not knowing where everything was.

The second I walked in I felt the same pull I had felt in chem, I look up and once again locked eyes with Japser. I gave a light smile, that he didn't return, ouch.

The teacher directed me to the second row one seat being between me and Jasper, his intense glare never leaving my body.

I looked behind me to see Angela, the girl that was partners with Jessica, I gave a tiny wave.

"Oh, hey Clove!" She whispered quietly, pushing up her glasses that had slid down her nose.

The period ended quickly. All we were doing was reading The Great Gatsby, though I don't think Jasper did much reading.

The bell rang but this time, he slowed his pace and walked next to me as we left the classroom.

"I'm sorry for staring, ma'am I couldn't help it. You're quite distracting." Jasper stated with a large smile. While I temporarily died over his prominent southern accent.

"Thanks Jasper." I responded, smiling and looking down at the floor to hide my blush.

"Don't hide." He requested lifting my chin up to look at him. When we made eye contact he smiled and continued "that's better."

"What class do you have next?" I questioned, mustering up the strength to speak after his strange flirting.

"Cold war, what about you?" He answered looking down at my slim, 5'5 frame.

"Creative writing." I mumbled, thinking about why I felt so weird around him.

"Oh okay, I'll walk you there." He stated his slight smirk, never leaving his face.

"Thanks." I replied, and we walked in a comfortable silence, my blush still covering my apple cheecks.

"And here you are, ma'am." He smirked, opening the door for me.

"Thanks Jasper." I waved off to him, as I entered the classroom, a short girl staring at me with a smile.

Then to my luck, the teacher say me right next to her.

"Hello, my name is Alice Cullen and this is my boyfriend Danny Hale." The pixie girl stated, suprising me with a hug as the boy sitting behind her smiled at me.

I awkwardly responded to the girl, wrapping my arms around her lightly. She seemed nice, welcoming, but very persistant.

"Hale? Are you related to Jasper?" I asked quickly after they introduced themselves, I suprised myself by talking to them so quickly at the mention of Jasper.

"Yea, he's my older brother, and Alice's adopted brother." Danny answered, his hands resting around Alice's shoulders.

"That's nice." I stated, not really knowing how to respond.

"Do you know Jasper?" Alice asked with a knowing smile, did she know something? Becuase her smile was kind of creeping me out.

"Yea, he's in a few of my classes." I answered, putting my attention on what the teacher was beggining to talk about.

The rest of the class period was silent, other than Alice talking amongst herself, it seemed like people avoided them.

The bell rang, and I gathered my stuff slowly, noticing that Alice stuck back with me.

"Wanna sit with my family at lunch?" Alice offered with that same knowing smile, which confused me to no end.

"Oh I don't want to intrude." I responded looking down at my shoes as heat rose up on my face.

"Nonsense, we can even walk together." Alice stated lacing her arm through mine.

Lunch, a room with the school packed into it, yay.

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