The truck pulled away and Jade ran back into the house.

She saw that the house was quiet, and was suddenly reminded of the woman and her daughter that lived there. She looked around quickly, but saw no one. She ran into one of the rooms to find it empty, then the next, but found no one. Thinking that they had probably escaped, Jade tried the last room, and found the woman sitting on the carpet, with her daughter in her lap.

"What are you still doing here?" Jade panted, running up to them and they both looked at her. "Why haven't you run already?"

The little girl looked at Jade and Jade was taken aback by the orange tinge in her eyes. That wasn't normal. Was it? The little girl looked at her mother, before jumping to her feet and running off playfully to the other side of the room. Jade tossed her uncertainties aside.

"He'll kill you two," Jade said to the mother, who slowly got to her feet. "When Lukas finds out his lab was destroyed, he'll blame you too. He won't let you go."

The woman looked at Jade, seeming completely undisturbed.

"Can't you hear me?" Jade raised her voice. "Do you want your daughter to die?"

"He wouldn't hurt her," the woman said calmly, and Jade frowned.

"Oh yeah? And why's that?" Jade asked.

"Because she's not just my daughter, she's his daughter too," the woman said and Jade felt like she had been hit by a gust of wind.

Wide-eyed and uncertain about the effect of the revelation, Jade looked at the little girl who was giggling on the other side of the room, playing with a rag doll, and finally she could see the resemblance. The soft brown hair. The thin lips. Jade looked back at the woman, who was staring at Jade.

"You're his -"

"I am his nothing," she said, a bitter look on her face. "I used to be something to him. But I was never his everything. You're his everything. The way he looks at you, the way he talks to you, you're special. I was nothing, a spur of the moment, a drunken stupor, and nothing more. Not enough for him to give up his life for me, not even a day of his life. He's never even looked at me. I was a mistake, but you're his decision. He wants to spend his life with you, doesn't he? That's why he showed you his lab. He loves you. But that's gonna change today."

The woman smiled, and Jade merely stared at her. Jade saw a strange madness in her eyes, a sudden thrill, the kind of thrill one feels when one stabs his lifelong enemy in the back.

"He won't kill us," the woman said softly, titling her head to a side. "He'll kill you."

And suddenly it hit her. Lukas was here. The woman had probably called him, told him of the infiltration, perhaps even named Jade as the culprit. Lukas must be there by now. He would kill Jade, and Tyler along with her. The woman had made sure of it.


Tyler panted, having defeated the last of his opponents. He hurried out of the lab and into the bedroom. Making sure, the place was empty, he finally stopped in the living room of the old house.

He closed his eyes, throwing his head back and ignoring the pain in his neck as he waited for Jade to come and tell him that the energy-bearers had left in the truck and that it was time for them to leave too. He felt exhausted, but he had expected that. This was the first time he had actually tested his own limit. After suppressing his natural inclinations all his life, the only time Tyler had been able to practice his powers over the past four years was on the rooftop when he had been alone. And even then he had to be careful, making sure he didn't attract attention. But Tyler had surprised himself, he hadn't expected himself to be able to take out everyone by himself.

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