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I woke up to my loud alarm clock, sliding to the side table I slammed down on it making it stop.

I pulled my shirt up to my nose and realized I needed to get ready and shower. I got out of bed and grabbed one of the fluffy turqoiuse towels I had hanging in my new bathroom.

While in my new bathroom I looked in the mirror. I looked like a mess bags under my eyes from a restless sleep and my bob cut, floppy hair was a mess of grease. I was so stressed, everything feels so difficult at the time.

I stepped under the burning hot water and started washing my hair, body and shaved.

Once I got out of the shower and dried I got dressed and put on my circle framed glasses.

I dried my hair with the curler end of the drier so it looks like I had short and curly hair, and I put on a dark matte, brick red lipstick

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I dried my hair with the curler end of the drier so it looks like I had short and curly hair, and I put on a dark matte, brick red lipstick.

I grabbed my dark brown leather messanger bag from my desk chair and headed downstairs into the kitchen. Going to the fridge for an apple I saw a note saying-

"Had to leave early for work
take the impala for school.
-dad p.s. you hurt my car, I hurt you."

I sighed, grabbing an apple and the keys while heading out the door. I hopped into baby and started on my way to school.

Pulling up I notice it was a tiny place and it didn't look like a lot of people went here. I pulled up in between a white Jeep and an orange truck.

Hopping out of quickly, I looked up and caught eyes with everyone staring at me, silence in the air. Apparently they dont get new people often.

"Hey, new girl right? Nice car." Stated a guy, blonde with blue eyes.

I responded by nodding trying to get him to stop the conversation, seeing as I wasnt very fond of social situations.

"I'm Mike Newton, nice to meet you." He greeted, kindly extending his hand to me. I just stared at it uncomfortably, everyone was still staring at me, and I got into a nervous sweat.

Feeling uncomfortable I went back to baby, got into the drivers seat and tried to breathe. I had trouble when all attention was on me and it made me feel enclosed, like I was in a tight elevator.

By time the school doors opened people's gazes on me got a little less intense and everyone cleared out of the parking lot allowing me to come out of the Impala.

I slowly made my way into the school doors, and instantly all eyes on me again. I guess that's what I get for coming in the start of the 2nd semester. I headed up to the unit office towards a nice lady.

"Hello, my name is Clove Robertson and I'm here to pick up my schedule." I let out quickly hoping to get the conversation over with as kindly as possible, she nodded handing me a chart of my schedule.

1st- chemistry-------------- R112
2nd- gym---------------------- R203
3rd-english------------------- R105
4th-creative writing----- R107
5th-lunch--------------------- ADL
6th-algebra 2---------------- R211
7th- french 3---------------- R228
8th- AP US history-------- R216

I nodded, my schedule wasn't bad at all. I looked up and I started my way to 112 chemistry.

I made my way down many, many hallways till I finally found it. Walking in the teacher looked up, smiling brightly.

"Oh! new student.. let's see here.. you are Clove, correct?" He asked as I quickly nodded.

"Okay, how about you tell us a little about yourself?" He stated aloud drawing everyone's eyes on me.

I just shook my head, basically begging him to not make me, while I stayed silent. Quickly understanding i was uncomfortable Mr.M looked at the seating chart.

"Oh well, okay then let's sit you next to... Jasper Hale, Jasper raise your hand, please." Mr.M asked and then from the very back I see a blue clatted arm raise up and get out down after a minute. The guy who was my supposed chem partner moved to the other side of the tablr, nearly causing his stuff to collapse to the tile.

I quickly made my way to the seat, next to the man who's face I still hadn't seen. I failed to not stumble over my own feet, which made my partners eyes shoot up, only to scare away at a second's eye contact.

"Hey, I'm Jessica and this is Angela." A brunette girl turned around in her seat, smiling as she faced me and the Jasper guy. Giving him a wickidley flirtatious side eye.

I nodded with a smile and slightly waved my hand trying to be kind.

"You know it's only common decency to answer someone when they talk to you." Jessica stated with a glare before turning in her seat and here comes my attitude.

"Why dont you learn to take a goddamn hint first." I replied with looking down at the desk, my statement making the guy next to me chuckle.

"I'm Jasper Hale." He practically whispered turning to face me and then it felt like my heart stopped, I couldn't stop looking into his eyes.

He was beautiful. His eyes were like golden pools of honey, I couldnt keep my own blue ones off of them.

"Clove Robertson." I responded breaking the silence between us but the gaze held.

"Eyes up here, Jasper." Mr.M stated, breaking our gaze, me still looking at Jasper I couldn't but feel like I had a connection to him like some sort of pull.

For the rest of the period we were both silent, though I could feel his gaze on me most of the time.

I couldn't help but have a tinge lfhope he would talk to me though, during this thought the bell broke the silence and Jasper ran out like a bat out of hell.

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