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Clove sat in the passenger seat of her father's black, 1967 Chevy Impala. She could tell her father felt bad for the move but she didn't want his sympathy as she avoided all eye contact.

"Clo, this move will be better for us, we can get a fresh start here." Her dad, Dean stated, trying to initiate convertsation, the words her father spoke made Clove scoff.

"No this is better for you, better so you won't have to deal with everyone saying poor you, well I'm not saying that." Clove shouted at her. Her parents got divorced when she was four, then she had lived with her mother up until six months ago when she turned sixteen and her mother died of melenoma skin cancer.

And that is how she ended up here, moving to a new state with her father, who is gone months at a time for business.

The time has been flying by as clove had her earbuds in, and was getting caught up on the great Gatsby for her new upcoming English class at Forks highschool.

Much to Clove's dismay her father denied letting her do online school. Last time Clove went to public school she got into a fight on her first day.

Clove was next level introverted, and when people didn't like that it brought an attitude out, and they didn't like that either so her mom had home schooled her for her freshman and sophomore year.

She was brought out of her book by her father pulling an earbud out of her ear, telling her they were at her new 'home.'

One could say her father had a good amount of money. Her new house had 3 bedroom's and 2 bathroom's.

Clove slowly stalked into the grey painted house, noticing the dark wood floors. She went upstairs until she saw the room her father had decided would be her's.

She had her own hallway basically. Down the dark hallway infront of her, there was her room with a built in bath and across from that would be made into a dark room for her, and her father's photography.

She opened the dark wood door to her new room and saw it was huge, it had a king size bed with only a boxspring and a mattress so it sat nice and low on the floor, there was a giant dark wood wardrobe, and the walls were painted a dark swamp green color.

And then she got to work, hanging her art, gold Christmas lights, and any other decorations.

After hanging everything up it was around 10pm, and tommorow was Monday meaning she had school. Clove laid down intending on just resting but felt her eyes got heavy and she passed out.

(A/n sorry this is short just trying to get to Jasper)

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