Sparks And Gas

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The chief opened the door of the dragon's cell and a cloud of gas spilled out, then an explosion erupted. "Today is about teamwork! The Hideous Zippleback is extra tricky, two heads, two brains and one body. One head breaths gas and the other head lights it. Your job is to know which is which. A wet head can't light its fire so get the spark head wet!" The chief told us. That was easy enough, the gas head's horn is more curved than the spark head. I had found out this fact when I ran into a Zippleback when I was looking for Autumn, but no one else knew that fact. He gave us each a bucket of water and split us into pairs. Each pair went back to back and kept a look out for the Zippleback. I was paired with Noah. The whole arena was covered in a cloud of gas and it was hard to see. I heard a scream and two splashes of water hitting the ground. "Ya both missed" the chief groaned. I saw Lily and Aaron just to the left of me. One head of the dragon crawled out from the cloud of smoke. Lily throw the water over the head, but the Zippleback opened its mouth and let out green gas. "Wrong head" the chief sighed. Lily dropped her bucket and backed away. The other head opened its mouth to spark the gas. "Now Aaron!" The chief yelled. Aaron chucked the water at the dragon and the head dodged right. "Oh really?!" Aaron complained.

Noah grabbed my bucket of water and ran over to Aaron. He threw the water at the dragon, but again it missed. "Oh Thor, hold on I'm coming!" The chief yelled as he grabbed a bucket and started running over. I rolled my eyes as the spark head opened its mouth, there was no way the chief would get there in time. "Do I have to do everything?" I asked out loud as I ran in front of the dragon and held up both hands. I let my eyes flash green of the Night Fury and the Zippleback immediately started backing away. "Back! Back into your cage! That's it" I told the Zippleback who crawled into his cell. I shut the door and let my eyes become human again. I turned around and saw everyone watching me with open jaws. But I didn't have time to talk to these losers, I needed to search for Autumn. "So I'll see you all tomorrow!" I said as I ran out of the arena.

The chief called us all into the hall that evening. "The Book of Dragons. You need to inhale all of this stuff. Everything we know about every dragon we know of is in this book. Read up!" The chief said as he dropped the book on the table and walked out of the hall. "Wait, he wants us to read?!" Liam asked in a shocked voice. "Like turn little symbols into words of knowledge?!" Lily asked. "Over my dead body!" Liam said as he stood up and left the hall with Lilly behind him. "You guys read, I'll go join in the fight!" Aaron said and Noah followed him out of the hall. "I've read it already" Zac said as he slid the book down the table. "Oh yeah?" I questioned. "Yeah, I know every page!" Zac said with a grin. "What dragon is on page 58?" I questioned. "Uh, well, if you were worth the time I would tell you... But I don't care!" Zac said as he crossed his arms with a frown. "The Snaptrapper!" I said with a proud smile. "I knew that!" Zac said as he turned and ran out of the hall whist me and April laughed.

"Meet the Terrible Terror!" The chief said as the small dragon crawled out of the flap in his door. "Huh, it's smaller then your brain and that's saying something!" Aaron laughed as he pointed at me. The Terrible Terror launched himself at Aaron and crawled all over his face before settling on biting his nose. Aaron screamed in response. I took a tiny piece of fish in my hand and held it out in front of the Terror. The Terror started to chased it and I guided it towards the flap then threw it through it. The Terror crawled under the flap and was gone. "And Destiny seems to have got the best of the dragon... again" the chief almost groaned. "Tomorrow is the final decider of who will get to kill their first ever dragon! The two with the most points are Aaron and Destiny, who will it be?" Rest up for the big day tomorrow" the chief told us all. I started leaving the arena with April, but I was approached by Aaron and the others. "We're all going to have dinner by a campfire in the forest, want to join?" Lily asked. I looked at April who nodded. I wanted to search for Autumn again, but I was already acting suspicious, so I agreed. "Yeah sure, we'll come" I told her. "Alright, let's head off!" The chief said as he marched into the trees.

We sat around the campfire roasting chicken on sticks and listening to each other tell stories. "And in one swift strike, my leg was in its mouth! And I could tell by the look its eye, it enjoyed every inch of that leg" The chief said as he held up his wooden leg and everyone gasped. Aaron was next to tell his story of how he got one of the many scars on his back. "...and boom! Scar forevermore!" Aaron finally finished. "That's so cool!" Liam grinned. "And hot!" Lily added. I rolled my eyes and glanced down at April, it was her turn. "My story is a little different, but I wanted to share it because it let me see a side of dragons no one ever has" April started saying. Now I was paying attention, as was everyone else. "One night I was out doing the fight when a scary Zippleback landed in front of me and tried to eat me. Then a midnight blue Deadly Nadder dived down and landed in front of me. It hissed at the Zippleback and made it leave. The Nadder looked at me and chirped then flew away!" April said in amazement. Of course that Nadder had been me and I was glad she remembered the good deed. "That's ridiculous!" "So not true!" "Liar!" "You should have killed it!" "Mutton head!" Were all the responses she got. "Hey, all you of! Shut your yak holes!" I hissed at them. Everyone went quite. I got up and marched away with April behind me.

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