6. Your outfit for your first date

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James- (Picnic date)

For your date you wore a pretty pink and purple coloured flowery top. You also wore light blue skinny jeans to match. On your feet you had some pretty sandals that matched the outfit very well.

Bradley - (Restaurant/movies)

On your date with Bradley you wore a pain black top which had no sleeves. On the bottom half you wore a beautiful pink skirt. The skirt was a skater style skirt. You also wore black high heels to match your top.

Connor- (walk in the park)

While you were on your date you wore a pretty short summer dress, that had short straps. This outfit kept you cool while you were on your date. The dress was purple, but as the dress got longer the colours got lighter on the dress. That's what made the dress very pretty I'm the summer. Then you wore cute little white dolly shoes on your feet to go with the colours you were wearing.

Tristan- (Concert)

At the concert you wore dark blue shorts. On your top you had the singer that you were going to see in concert (to show you were a huge fan). Down your arms you had different wristbands with the singers name on which Tristan had bought for you! On your feet you wore some pretty coloured vans.

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