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AUTHOR NOTE: I think rewrote the bible... sorry if this is a bit boring. The next part will contain a lot of action. In general and in bed ;)


Some people say that Heaven and Hell are made up and actually don't exist. Fiction even. They say it has been made up just to scare people so they would behave well. I mean, good behaviour is something everyone wants, right?

Like when you were little and your mom told you stories about the monsters under your bed. If you were a bad kid, the monsters would reveal themselves from under the darkness, slowly creeping their way towards you. Only for you to end up devoured by them. Pure gore, no?

They say that Devils (or demons) and Angels hate each other. 'Aren't they enemies of each other?' You may ask..Yes, yes they are. But what nobody knows is the fact that without the demons, you wouldn't have a ratio. There is a saying : 'Without the dark, you won't have the stars'. Everything has something to do with one another. They have a connection with each other. Like the sun and the moon. When it is noon, the sun shines, at night the moon shows up. Not like everything is complicated or anything. It has a specific order and a way of working. And you should just simply accept it, whether you like it or not.

But there are exceptions..

And one of them is the fact that a certain group, Demons and Angels all mixed up together, whom don't follow the rules as they were told. They were special. Still, the demons didn't like Angels and the same goes for the Angels not liking the Demons. But in spite of all of this, this certain group still meets up and together they would hang out. Most of the time sitting in a room, right in between Hell and Heaven, that's been split up in two. One side (all dark and messy with lots of spiders who decorated it with a lot of webs) for the Demons as the other side (heavenly clean and bright with no signs of any kind of dirtiness) belonged to the angels. They were in no danger unless they trespassed to the other side, of course.

They would always play easy, effortless games like truth or dare or just simply talk about the most random topics that came in mind. Or come up with the most ridiculous bets and much more.. Whatever solves their boredom.

Anyways, as I mentioned before...This group contained Demons and Angels. 3 Demons and 2 Angels to be exact.

Did they like each other? No.
Did they trust each other? No.
Did they enjoy their time together?
Pretty much.

It all started quite normal. One day, the group decided to meet up again (they didn't even remember their last encounter) They sat in their usual spots, both on their own part. The two angels sat around a beautiful, glassy table. A set of tea cups and a teapot filled with Tienchi Flower Tea, on top of it. You could clearly see their legs elegantly swung over the other as the table was see-through. Their clothing were matching with the room: plain white with rose crowns as a final touch.

The demons on the other hand, had only one (teared) couch covered in white stuff and all sorts of bugs hidden under the cushions. Screw it, the bugs where everywhere! Which found the angels, of course, really disgusting. Their side of the room was poorly lightened. Making it difficult for the angels to identify who they were talking to. The only thing that was gave it away, were the eyes of the demons. All 3 had bloodshot eyes but the colours differed. The oldest demon had red eyes and the other two bright orange.

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