~40~No More Fun~~

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Jadens pov
This is the beginning of our fifth year at hogwarts,not suprised how fast it's been. I walked around the halls,Christmas break. I haven't really seen anyone around. Which is odd. But hogwarts is huge and they could be anywhere.
''J!''Someone squeaked and I snapped around.

''Avry?''I raised an eyebrow.

''Hii!''she jumped and hugged me tight.

''hi—can't—breathe—''I coughed and she let go as I gasped for air.

''sorry.''she shrugged.

''yeah. I can't deal with you right now so go to Harry!''I said quickly and apparated away.

''phew. Where—''I looked around and something wrapped there arms around me and I tried to escape it.

''calm down.''draco laughed a bit and I stayed still.

''idiot!''i gasped and he laughed and let go.

''it's not funny!''I punched his arm lightly.

I waited about a good twenty minutes for him to stop and then we both randomly started laughing. We got up,held hands like normal couples do,and walked around.

Draco froze when he saw Harry and avry talking he started growling.

''what?''i looked at him.

''hey Lynn,how's being the murderer of Luna working out for ya?''Draco ignored me and yelled as they both looked.

''Malfoy--!''Harry growled.

''Shut it,Potter.''Draco Growled.

The lights flickered and everything was dark.



There was a yelp.

The lights went on and it was only the boys.

Draco's pov

Confused,me and Potter looked around and walked closer.

''Well,this is great. ''I spat.

''mph..''Harry huffed.

''Lets just go find them.''I crossed my arms and started walking outside as Harry followed eventually.

''I am not going to go in there.''Harry spoke up as we both stared into the forbidden forest.

''Welp,then you're girlfriends gonna be dead.''I grinned and he narrowed his eyes.

''fine.''Harry agreed after a few minutes.

I grinned a bit more and walked in.

''I remember when we had detention with Hagrid our first year and scared ourself with our own footsteps and breath.''Harry added quietly as we walked around.

''Mhm. ''I looked behind two trees.

''Then there was a vampire I think and a unicorn?''Harry stopped in his train of thoughts.

''I dont know,potter. ''I took a breath and almost tripped over a branch.

''BOO!''someone screamed and I stumbled over a log onto someone.

''Jaden?''I looked down at her as I was on top of her from how I fell.

''Yeah. Hi.''She kissed my cheek and got up.

''AVRY!''Harry whacked her and she squeaked.

''Pfft.''I laughed a bit as me and jaden went to our dorms and left the two Gryffindors to do who knows what. Maybe even snog. Ha,that wouldn't go well with Potter.


I sat down and Jaden walked in and hugged me,saying nothing.

''yess?''i hugged back,confused.

''I know avry wanted to scare Harry and everything but I'm glad you actually came to find me.''she whispered.

''of course.why wouldn't I? I love you.''i whispered back.

She smiled and kissed me for a moment before saying goodnight and leaving.

I smiled and looked out the window as it faded quickly. Darkness. Deatheater shaped clouds.

Oh no.

It's not over.

And this time

There for the death group.









And he had enough.

And he had enough

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