HEYOOOOO my names is Monae' am 17 and am SINGLE which gets me into some trouble sometimes in lifeand that how am here now in this place to tell you about my time being kindnapped by mindless behavior


(my pov )


ME -uhhh i dont want to go anymore why its saturday i wanna sleep i dont wanna go

jacob walking up the stairs to my room

jacob- well to bad cause i really wanted to go to the pool with you

me-*gets up* uggggghhhhh ugggghhhhhhh whatt -_____- (smiles) oh hi why you in my room

jacob- before you get mad at somebody you need to put somethin else on you before someone downstairs wakes up *winks*

me*looking down to see am in a half shirt saying i'm no rookie and unddies that say pink* (smiles) well then this is kinda shocking

jacob -can i take them off for cause your just too tempting right now for me

me-shut up nasty lil boy

jacob- well i wouldnt be this nasty lil boy when you decide to wear outfit with the body you have

me- shut up get outttt so i can get dressed

jacob-i dont want to even goo anywhere anymore just want to chill now

me- ok cool can i put some pants on

jacob-*looks up and down *naww sweets you good

me- well to late i already put some leggin on when you were saying that hahahhahhaaah

jacob pov ( daydreaming about her )

man she is soooo pretty i want her soo bad right now the way she wearing them leggins OH GODDDDDDDDD help me right now cause she just to much i didnt really want to go anywhere just came to get some free pussy from either her or her manz Qur'an downstairs cause both of them could get this dick but ill stick with her cause am soo close about to take her down cause she just woke up jr

moane'- jake what you thinkin about

me- just how beautiful you are today

moane'- awww reallyy

me - *in a girl voice* yea gurll you know

moane'- - __________- dont kill the moment

me- bad boo

moane-ohhh soo am your booo now

me-yea you are soo come here

moane'- no am good on my bed

me - *gets ups picks her up when he is between her tighs on the wall* see this much better

monae'-jake put me down

me-naw am good in this postion her

monae'-nooo put mee down

jacob starts to kiss her jawline then down to her shoulder blade whispering you're so beatiful and soft i need you now without stoppin the soft kisses he is plantin on her

monae'- jake w-w-what are you doing

me -takin care of you baby just relax ok i goin to do all the work just relax ok still kissing on her

moane'-jake please stopp please