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Her heart was
a secret garden
and the walls
were very high

"We need to talk." Killian announced all of sudden. "About what?" Heaven asked looking at his face trying to make out what he wants.
"Sit down, please." He pointed at the couch before sitting down himself.
"I'm listening." She signaled for him to start talking.

"I can't do this anymore, Heaven." "You can't do what?" She asked softly looking into his eyes. "I can't stand seeing you everyday, but not being able to touch you and hold you in my arms. It kills me." He said.

"One of the reasons I was against moving in together." She answered. "Why can we try again, Heaven? Let's try to be together again!" Killian requested his eyes pleading her to agree with him.

"We were never together in the first place. You said it yourself, our "relationship" was just a fling to you." He looked at her disappointment clear on his face. "You know I didn't mean it when I said it. You were much more than just a fling to me. With you I was truly happy." Heaven's eyes began to water at his sweet words, but deep down she knew it was only a facade.

"I don't want my heart to get broken again. I've already endured too much pain. Please let me be." She couldn't hold back her tears anymore, so she tried to run out of the living room, but he held her wrist before she can leave.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable." He apologized. "You and me will never happen again. We're just not destined to be together. Zachy is the only thing that connects us. Nothing more." She stated sternly. His face dropped and his hand loosened it's grip on her delicate wrist. She took that as a chance to free herself and leave the room.

Killian sat by himself still looking at the door she left from seconds ago. His mind tried to process the world she just said. The past really did affect her. She's building walls to protect her heart from being broken again. And it was all his fault. He was the reason behind her trust issues and fears. He couldn't help but blame himself. It was his doing what made her like this.

Minutes later he saw entering the living area of the apartment again. This time dressed in a professional attire. A beige pencil skirt and a white blouse. She also wore a pair of beige pumps to much the skirt. Her hair was left open dangling down her tiny waist.

"Were are you going?" He couldn't help but ask. She turned her head to him and looked at him confused. "I have a job now. Did you forget?" She answered. "But I still did not agree with you working, remember?" He got up and walked to her.

"And I don't need your permission, Mr. Black. I'm free to do whatever I please." She was quick to answer. "At least tell me who the fuck you're working for!" He sighed. "Lawyer Roger Tangeu." She said bluntly. "Alright." She didn't believe he let it go so easy. There must be something behind this. Killian never let something go so easily without putting a fight at first.

It confused her, but she had other things to do at the moment other than worry about his mood swings. Right when she was opening the door to leave she heard a sweet voice calling her. "Mommy were you going?" She turned around to see Zachy standing beside his dad and looking at her with big teary eyes.

"You're leaving again?" This time a tear fled down his chubby cheek. "No, my love! Mommy is going to work and she'll come back later." She kneeled in front of him and wiped his tears away. He sniffed and hugged her tightly. "Aww baby, I'm not leaving you." She assured him and kissed both of his cheeks before standing back up.

"Come buddy, let's go play you in your room." Killian picked him up in his arms. "Bye mommy!" "Bye my baby!" She said back smiling at him. "Now it's time to leave" she muttered to herself and finally got out of the apartment.

She was very nervous. It was her first day at a decent paying job. Her mind was replaying the words Killian said to her earlier. She wasn't able to get him out of her head. She never really did, but now she needs to concentrate on her job. She didn't want to embarrass herself on the first day. The driver finally pulled up in front of a building.

"There goes nothing." Heaven whispered as she was getting out of the car. She looked at the tall building in front of her and took a deep breath before finally finding the courage to enter. The first thing she came across was a reception where blonde woman was sitting behind a large desk. "How can I help you?" The blonde woman asked smiling. "I'm Heaven Adams-" "Oh you got the job right?" The woman cut her off. Heaven only nodded.

"I'm Christina the receptionist. You should meet the boss first. He's on the second floor office room number 10. It's easy to find." Christina explained politely. "Thank you!" Heaven said before making her way to the boss' office. She was scared to say the least. She never worked in a place like this. Her previous jobs only contained serving and cleaning.

She was lucky she could get a job as decent paying as this one. It was important to her to be independent. She didn't want to be a burden on anyone. Especially not Killian. He maybe sweet and kind to her now, but she knew this won't stay forever. He'll change again and be the same Killian who she worked for. He's only kind because of Zachy nothing more.

Heaven finally made it to the boss' office. She was currently standing in front of the big door scared to enter. 'What will he think about me?', 'Will he be mean like my other bosses?' A lot of questions were playing in Heaven's head. She so nervous and scared that her whole body shivered.

"Let's do this!" She encouraged herself and took a deep breath. Her shaking hand reached to knock on the door. She waited until she heard a signal to get in. "Come in!" She heard a deep voice say. That's when her heart beat increased even more. With shaking hands she grabbed the knob and opened the door.

"Heaven, welcome!"


End of chapter 14

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