no one stays.彡

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"Hey there cherub," Taehyung coughed as his mother peeped her head around the door, he wiped his tears with the back of his hand.

But oh boy, it didn't go past his mother.

She walked into his room, closing the door with a quiet click, the brunette avoids eyes with his mother, fighting back a fountain of tears he sits in silence a small whimper escapes the back of his throat.

His mother put her hands over his, she knelt down to do so and looked up at him with a gentle smile. Taehyung loved his mother, truly, she cared so much, too much one would say.

"It's a boy isn't it?" Taehyung glanced at his sweet mother with wary eyes, they were brimmed with tears, unshed and painful.

"Let it out, my boy." And so her son did, his head bowed down as his body wracks with sobs that escaped his tightened throat. Everything hurt so fucking much.

"You, look at me." Taehyung blinked, his mother brushed away his tears with the pad of her thumb, sighing softly. Her heart hurt too, it wasn't easy to see your child hurting.

"It'll get better okay?" The kind woman stood up from her knees, pulling her son's head against her chest, she gently brushes her fingers through his soft locks. She hummed softly, and the boy in her arms closed his eyes, he breathed out all he was keeping in. His mother was his safe place.

"Whatever it is, you'll get better." She whispered, pecking the crown of her son's head.

"Do you believe I could love again, ma?" Taehyung questioned, he looked so vulnerable and fragile then with his hands clasped, eyes expectant.

Taehyung's mother chuckled, her eyes soft, her touch was warm as she once more, stroked his hair.

"Of course you can, who says love can't happen a second time?" The brunette's heart sunk. Why was he even asking such a thing? There was no one to love a second time. Well, not anymore.

"I'll just never love, ma, there's no one who'll stay," The saddened boy barely whispered, his heart was awfully sore.

"Jimin never stayed either."

"Jimin, get out." Yoongi spoke sternly, his gaze unwavering with hate. Jimin looked horrible, his hair stuck up in different directions, the under of his eyes were grey; perhaps lack of sleep.

"I- Please, don't do this," The pink haired boy whispered weakly, his fingertips shake slightly. He really did look so... vulnerable.

Yoongi smiled, rather sadistically. He didn't say anything, just stared, the hate almost an obvious blaze in his eyes. He didn't feel anything, anything of the past didn't nag at him anymore.

"I waited here for you, Yoongi." The male said, his eyes pleading, his bottom lip quivered, eyes swimming with tears ready to spill.

"I told you there was nothing to wait for, what are you waiting for exactly?"

The older tilted his head to a side raising his eyebrows, he jabbed his finger into his own chest.

"Me? You were waiting for me?"

Jimin nodded helplessly, pulling at the sleeve of his sweater, guiltily.

Yoongi felt furious, after all the other had done, was he just expecting to waltz back into his life?

"I even left him. Kim-"

Yoongi pressed his finger against Jimin's lips, eyes narrowed venomously shooting daggers at the boy.

"I don't want to hear his name, you chose to go along with him, heck lead him on too, what are you doing?!" The male practically barked, making the other flinch.

Jimin shut his eyes, a painful sob leaves him, he was internally regretting everything. Internally feeling this pressing guilt. This was his fault, everything was.

"Get out of here. I am done with you Jimin."

Jimin opens his mouth to protest as the other backs away, his finger leaving his lips, eyes still swimming with that fury of his.

Yoongi steps back out of his porch, breathing heavily. He clutches his chest as he slams the door of his house shut.

"Find yourself another to fool around with." He whispers, sliding down the back of his door, head held in his hands.

Silent tears escape him, also, matching with the rain that showered lightly outside as it lead later into the day.

The days Yoongi used to love Jimin were pink, like his cotton candy hair, it was beautiful, toxic, and toxic love was the worst kind.


A/N: goodness, well it's been a while since one of these! i am planning to get back into my flow of writing lol, updates will come faster im sorry :(

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