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'' Yes is a girl'' Mirosama stand up and delighted

'' Mirosama please have a seat I know how excited having a girl be your classmate but please respect me as a teacher and new student, okay'' 

'' I  am sorry teacher'' Mirosama bowed

'' Sorry Tamami you got to see it'' teacher apologize

'' That okay teacher'' Tamami smile

All the boy '' she so cute when smile''

'' I hope we can become friend'' Tamami bowed

'' Tamami please have a seat beside Hayato?'' Teacher pointing

All the boy locked onto Tamami

'' She cute'' All boy in class mind

'' She pretty'' All girl in class mesmerized Tamami beauty

Mizaki '' I want her become my girlfriend''

Tamami walked to her place 

Tamami seat on her chair and turn her face at Hayato

'' Hayato, Good morning'' Tamami smile

All in the class gasp

Hayato ignore Tamami

'' Hayato it's rude ignore me'' Tamami in tears

'' Gokudera that rude to treat a girl like that'' All the boy  class angry

'' Hayato did you forget me that I am your fiancée?'' Tamami in tears

'' Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaannnnnceeee'' All in the class scream

Mizaki bite his sleeves '' What!!'' 

Tsuna gaps

When Hayato saw Tsuna surprise 

'' No Tsunahime I am not her fiancée'' 

'' Hayato do not love me '' Tamami in tears

All the boy stand up and try to calm Tamami

'' Hmmmm'' 

All the boy seat back at their own chair when  Homeroom teacher give tense aura

'' Sorry teacher'' All in the unison

'' Good and please welcome Tamami in our class''

All the class clasped their hand

'' Let start our class'' Homeroom teacher said

Tsuna saw Tamami in tears 

'' Hayato'' Tsuna call

'' Hai Tsunahime'' Hayato turn his face

'' May I change your seat for awhile?'' Tsuna asked

'' Tsunahime can change my seat'' Hayato give permission

'' Please make not sound or teacher notice us''

'' Hai Tsunahime''

Tsuna and Hayato successfully change their place

'' Tamami please don't cry'' Tsuna try to make Tamami calm down

Tamami turn her face 

Tsuna give her handkerchief to Tamami

'' Thank you Tsuna'' Tamami accept Tsuna handkerchief

'' How did you know my name are you really Reborn partner?'' Tsuna surprise

'' I will explain later Tsuna'' Tamami said

'' Tsunahime  do not believe her I am  not  really know her'' Hayato turn his face to Tsuna

'' I am just teasing you Hayato'' Tamami smile

Tsuna sweat drop Tamami personalities

'' What!!'' Hayato angry and stand up

'' Hmmm Hayato'' Homeroom teacher notice Hayato

'' Hayato please said  sorry to teacher'' Tsuna whisper

'' Okay Tsunahime''

'' I am sorry teacher'' Hayato bowed

'' Good please have a seat , Hayato''

'' Hai teacher''


See you next time > <

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