transfer student

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'' Hayato, thank you become my friend'' Tsuna bowed

'' Tsunahime'' Hayato heart moved

'' I am not just  become your friend but your family now'' Hayato said

'' Thank you'' Tsuna in tears and rub her tears

'' Tsunahime please don't cry I will be by your side forever as family and friend'' 

'' We here Tsunahime'' Hayato saw a school gate

Hayato and Tsuna entered the school gate

'' Hayato I am curious what Reborn said before we depart to school'' Tsuna said

'' Tsunahime don't worry everything will work out fine after teacher introduce Reborn partner in the class'' Hayato do not want make Tsuna worry too much

'' Yeah, thank you Hayato''

'' Welcome Tsunahime''

'' I will opened the class door'' Hayato said

Hayato opened the class door

Hayato and Tsuna entered the classroom

'' Thank you Hayato'' Tsuna smile

'' Welcome Tsunahime''

Talisa turn her  face at Tsuna and  bite her clothes has she jealous at Tsuna with Hayato

'' Why Hayato sama with her?'' In Talisa mind

'' I am beautiful than her'' Talisa mumble

'' I heard in the faculty our class will be have another transfer student'' Mikasa said

'' Really..Mikasa or you lie'' Olie

'' Why I need to lie?'' Mikasa said

All the student crowded around Mikasa and Olie after they heard a news

'' Did you know that who she/he will transfer to the our class?'' Mirosama asked Mikasa

'' I have not enough time to listen, Mirosama''

'' Aww I hope a girl who will be transfer to our class'' Mirosama disappointed but hope

'' You right Mirosama yesterday we got Gokudera be our classmate'' Lito said

Hayato and Tsuna heard the news

'' Tsunahime when you said few minutes ago I am curious who Reborn  partner'' Hayato said

'' I hope she or he can comfortable with us''  Tsuna said

'' If he or she make Tsunahime not comfortable I will destroy her or his'' Hayato determination

'' Calm down Hayato, let's seat on our own chair before teacher come'' Tsuna try to calm down Hayato but she smile  inside she now have a friend to talk

'' Hai Tsunahime''

Hayato and Tsuna seat on their own chair

'' Student please seat now''

'' What teacher come!!'' All student in the class rushing to their own chair

'' I will introduce our new class....'' Teacher said

'' Who is it our new classmate, teacher?'' Mirosama asked and stand up from his chair

''  Mirosama, it's rude'' Teacher glaring at Mirosama

'' I am sorry teacher'' Mirosama bowed

'' I know you guys heard the news of transfer student and excited to know who will be our classmate'' Teacher said

'' Yes teacher'' All in the class unison

'' You outside please come in'' Teacher asked new transfer student to come in

'' Yes teacher'' The voice said

All the boy locked at her

'' Please introduce yourself?''

'' My name is Tamami Yamamoto, I live in Italy and born in Japan ''

Tsuna and Hayato disbelieved what they saw in their eye


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