Chapter 9

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Day : Monday
Date : 30/04/18

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Camellia Waters' POV

"Ryder, did you come here a lot? I see you are very familiar with this park and people around here. Well..except for that ice cream guy I guess?" I asked Ryder, resisting to laugh at his earlier reaction

He blushed a little at my last question before letting out an awkward chuckle while scratching the back of his neck.

"Actually I had met that guy last week when I went to his stall to buy an ice cream right after I moved back here. I came to this park and bought ice cream from that stall for the fourth time already. But I didn't know that he is a gay. No wonder why he kept staring while smirking at me the whole time, every time I went to his stall."

I let out a full laugh when I heard that. But then I realised something.

"Wait..move back?"

"Yeah. Actually I am from here. But I left my parents and lived with my grandparents six years ago. And last week I came back here to move in with my parents again."

"Oh. You must have been coming to this park a lot before you left your parents. Am I right?" I guessed, giving him a smile.

"Y-Yeah.." he stuttered before continued.

"What about you? Is this your first time coming to this park?" he awkwardly asked me with a forced smile making my smile dropped.

I have touched a sensitive subject didn't I? I frowned at the thought but changed it into smile again seconds after not wanting him to notice.

"Yup. This my first time coming here. I love to go to a park. But this isn't the park that I usually went to. If I want to enjoy my time alone, I would go to the park near my house." I said with a small smile on my face as I remembered the memories with my family at the park that I usually went to.

I shook my head a little and inhaled then exhaled not wanting to shed any tear in front of Ryder.

A second passed, I turned towards Ryder giving a wide grin as I thought about something I loved to do.

"How about we go grab some food now?"

That was the only thing I know when I was stress or sad or nervous or depressed. Eat.

He chuckled at my excitement before nodding a little.

"Okay. Let's go then." he said, getting up from the bench before pulling me up to him with a little too much force making me stumbled then crushed to his hard body.

I yelped.

"I'm sorry. You really need to eat more protein." he mumbled at the last part but I heard it nonetheless.

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