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I got home and closed the door behind me, making sure to not think of my plan so much. I got undressed and took a quick shower, before drowning myself in an arousing perfume and putting on a thin, silk dress that came to my knees. I gently stepped down the hall, letting my hair out and tumble into my shoulders.

I made my way to the couch and sat down before whipping out my phone and texting Jack.



'What r u doin?'

'Chillin, how about you?'


There was a pause as I watched the text load.

'Haha, today was fun though.'

'You got that right.'

'Do u wanna hang out tomorrow?'

'Sure!' Anytime is fine with me.'

'Alright, do you know the little coffee shop on the other side of that street we met at?'


'I'll meet you there at 12:00pm tomorrow!'

'Cool, see you then ;)'

I closed out of my phone as I suddenly got really excited. I was going to hang out with Jack, Jacksepticeye, Sean William McLoughlin. I exhaled but my excitement wouldn't leave, perhaps a movie would calm me down.

Time Skip...

I checked the time on my phone. 10:45pm. Pfft, it wasn't that late, I could stick around for another movie.

Another Time Skip...

I could feel my eyes getting heavy, as I yawned tiredly and dragged myself up to bed. As I entered my room I checked the time once again. 12:56am. God dammit, I really should get out of the habit of staying up so late. But what could I say? I love the peace, but it leaves me completely destroyed.

I collapsed onto my bed, covering the sheets over me and resting my head comfortably on my soft pillow, inhaling the smell of bed. I was just about to drift off to sleep, when I felt a hand stroke my shoulder. For a moment I thought it was simply the sheets but as I came more into reality, I soon realised it was definitely happening.

I swiftly got out of my bed and turned the light on.

"Dark! Get ou--

I was cut off when I realised it wasn't Dark, but a complete stranger. Someone I had never seen before. My blood ran cold as I simply stared at them. He arose from my bed and he slowly walked towards me, a sickly grin peeled across his face.

"Well hello there baby, you wanna have some fun?" He said.

I scrunched my face up at his putrid words.

"Fuck off! Don't come any closer, I swear to you." I snarled, pointing at him.

"Or what? Are you gonna slap me?" He said in a sissy tone.

"Oh, I'll do so much worse..." I mumbled clenching my fists.

I suddenly heard a distance chuckle. Dark was watching.

"Oohhhh, I'm so scared!" Said the man still edging closer to me.

"This is your last warning to leave this house and never come back." I growled, feeling my inner rage consume me.

The guy suddenly stopped and then nodded before slowly making his way out the door, I watched him make his way to the door, releasing my clenched fists.

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