Part 9

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It has been a few days since the whole Cho incident, and most of the school seems to be getting over the whole savior of the world thing.

While this was happening, Hermione and i started to read up on occlumency. I didn't really find the logic in doing it since there was no dark wizard trying to get inside my brain....but i find it's better to just go along with what Hermione says.

"Love? Why don't we go ask professor Lupin about this? I'm sure he will be able to help us practice" I asked her as we are sitting in the library

"Of course Harry. Why didn't I think of that before?" She says surprised as she grabs my hand and her giant book

We walked into professor Lupin classroom to see none of than my godfather with him.


"Hello you two. I didn't expect to see you here tonight" He says happily walking over to us

"What are you doing here?" I asked giving him a tight hug

"I decided to catch up with Remus here. What about you two? It would seem you have a mighty big book in your hand" He asks noticing Hermione holding her book

"Actually we were coming to see if professor Lupin would help us with occlumency"

"Why are you two so suddenly intrested in occlumency?" He asks us sounding intrested

"Hermione says it will help prevent any dark wizard from trying to enter my brain. Of course that's not very likely but i imagine it would be a very good skill to have"

"Agreed. Well how about you two come back tonight after dinner and we will begin" He says joyfully

"Thank you professor"

Later that night....

"Now I'm sure you two read up on occlumency. In order for this to work i need you both to clear your minds. We can start tonight by testing your shields. Who would like to start?" Remus asks us

Hermione instantly volunteers.

"Now Hermione when i say legilimens i want you to put up your shields and prevent me from looking at your memories. I will first start to to find your happiest memories. How does that sound?"

" we not have you look at my happiest memories. Some might not be the most....appropriate. I know I'm supppsed to be preventing you from looking at them but there is still a risk of you see Harry and i...." She started to say, awkwardly glancing back at me

"No need to finish that sentence" He says interuppting

I could feel my cheeks instantly flush. I knew that it would become awkward if Lupin saw what Hermione and i did to make each other happy.

"Of course. Let's look through some childhood memories shall we" He says laughing slightly

"Legilimens" Remus whispers

I looked between the two as both there eyes are closed. I could tell she was concentrating since her brow is a little scrunched up, she looks adorable.

Suddenly Lupin fell back to the ground.

"I'm so sorry! I never thought...." She says starting to panic

"Your shields are rather strong. I didn't really expect that to happen so soon, i only got to a few memories some of those including a few of your adventures. Very nice job Hermione"

"Thank you. I have been trying to bulid my shields" She says happily

"Now Harry your turn" He says gesturing me to come near him

I'm worried about what he might find. I haven't been practicing as much as Hermione.

"Don't be nervous Harry" Hermione says grabbing my hand

"Now Harry same for you. When i say legilimens i will try to take a look at some of your childhood memories" Lupin says


I suddenly felt the strange feeling in my head. I could see so many memories when i was a child, most I'm not particularly fond of. As i sensed Remus taking a closer look at my memories, i tried to shield him more. I saw the cupboard under the stairs, the first time i got my hogwarts letter, and finally my first kiss.

Soon i could tell he wasn't looking at my memories anymore, so i opened my eyes to see a surprised professor looking at me.


"I'm just surprised at a few things i saw....growing up i never knew how much you had to deal with. You living with the Dursleys was....interesting to say the least" He says quietly

"Well i think that was enough practice for tonight. Same time tomorrow" He says before exiting the room

"Well that was strange....i never realized what type of memories he would be looking at in your childhood" Hermione says sincerely

"It's all in the past now. We should go, some people will be wondering where we are" I told her taking her hand in mine

We walked back to the common room to see it nearly full. Everyone was either studying, reading, or playing chess. I looked over to see Ron stuck in a game of exploding snap with Seamus and Dean.

"Well if it isn't Harmione! We were all wondering where you two went after dinner, off for a little bit of fun in a closet" Seamus says teasingly

"Shut it, you're just jealous. All we were doing was talking with professor Lupin about something"

"Sure. Now do you two want to play?" Ron asks us

"I can't i need to go finish my charms essay and so does Harry" Hermione tells them

"Come on Hermione, i promise i will do it tomorrow" I tell her practically begging to play, i really didn't want to do my essay

"You won't and i will end up letting you copy mine" She says in an obvious tone

"I promise i won't" I tell her, finally she gives in

"Fine just don't stay down here too long playing this game. I will check on you tomorrow morning and i expect you to have your essay at least started" She says giving me a quick kiss in the cheek before heading up to her dorm

"Whipped!" Dean says laughing

I felt my cheeks instantly turn red. I noticed Seamus and Ron look at him confused, i forget to remember that they never grew up in the muggle world and don't know some of the terms used.

"I have no idea what that means but i can see Harry blushing so you must have made fun of him somehow" Seamus says in a confusing tone

"Forget about Harry. Let's just play the game, we don't want to keep loverboy here too preoccupied. He promised to get his essay done" Ron says as we start the game

Soon we all finished playing and went up to bed.

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