Part 29

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Joseph: Hello?

Lewis: Hi!

Joseph: oh thank god you're online!

Lewis: What do you mean?

Joseph: Weird things are happening, Lew. 

Lewis: Oh god, has your paranoia struck again?

Joseph: Lewis, this is real. This isn't the paranoia this time.

Lewis: I stg, Joe. Monsters aren't real. You're 14. 

Joseph: This isn't a monster. It's a person.

Lewis: Get to the point.

Joseph: There's someone in my house. Someone out to get me.

Lewis: JOE! This is just your goddamn paranoia. Now, get to bed and sleep. You always told me that tiredness makes it worse. 


Lewis: Why?! 

Joseph: You're meant to be my friend. Why don't you understand me? Is it because they've taken over you too?

Lewis: Who?

Joseph: The green ones. They're the mind controllers.

Lewis: For god's sake, this is another one of your imaginary people, isn't it?

Joseph: Lew. I came to you for help, not for criticism. Please come to my house. I need help.

Lewis: Joseph I can't. It's past my curfew.  

Joseph: Ugh... At least tell me what to do! There's someone lurking downstairs, and I don't know who it is.

Lewis: Where are your parents?

Joseph: Shopping. They were meant to be back ten minutes ago, and I fear that this thing has got them.

Lewis: I stg, Joseph. Just go to sleep. They probably got caught in traffic. If you're this nervous, go to your neighbour's house. 

Joseph: How?! I can't just jump out of the window. It's dark! You never know what could be out there.

Lewis: Joe, there's nothing out there, I promise.

Joseph: I can't just take your word for it. 

Lewis: Then ask damn Julia! I dunno!

Joseph: Julia won't understand. She never does. That's why I came to you, hoping you'd be different. I guess I'll just have to tackle that person myself, without your input.

Lewis: Wait!

Lewis: JOSEPH! 

Joseph: What?

Lewis: Don't. Just in case there really is something down there...

Joseph: Oh so you believe me now?

Lewis: I dunno... there's something telling me that you shouldn't. Instincts?

Joseph: Oh god.

Lewis: What?

Joseph: The green ones have got to you. Push them away.

Lewis: Who tf are the 'Green ones'?

Joseph: They are mind controllers. They can either protect you or push you in the wrong direction. It's best to rid of them.

Lewis: Ok then... and how the hell do i do that?

Joseph: Simple. Tell them to leave. 

Lewis: Yeah... and then my parents will think I'm psycho. 

Joseph: Not if they can't hear you. Use your conscience. 

Lewis: Jesus Christ. Anyway, what are we gonna do about that guy downstairs?

Joseph: Wait... you know it's a guy?

Lewis: I dunno! My instincts are telling me again.

Joseph: Right. Imma go down there, and batter them.

Lewis: DON'T

Joseph: What..? Why?

Lewis: It's those green people. They're controlling you.

Joseph: Ugh... I don't know what to do now. 

Lewis: Call the police?

Joseph: What good will they do?!

Lewis: Look, I know you're paranoid and that you hate the police, but you need to call them. They'll help you. 

Joseph: No. I'll deal with it myself.


Lewis: JOSEPH?! 



Lewis: Fine. Don't answer me then. But I'm sorry for never believing you. I was a crap friend, and I never understood. But please, if you're OK, respond. I'm scared.


The next day

Lewis: I can't believe it. This is my fault... isn't it?

Lewis: I know you won't respond... because you're missing

Lewis: And probably dead...

Lewis: But if there is the slim chance that you're OK, and breathing, please respond. 

Lewis: I'll send every single police man I can find to search for you. 

Lewis is offline

Joseph is typing...

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