Chapter 13

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Hyde's voice hitched and hiccuped, as he felt the corners of his eyes start forming tears that were waiting to be unleashed to form a waterfall.

Jekyll's eyes and head turned towards Hyde from the piano seat or just a seat in particular.

A single Azure orb met Crimson orbs,gazing into each other for awhile, and Hyde's crimson eyes were a bit wet as time passed on.

"L-Licht..?!" Hyde snapped back to reality as the time passed on once again, and he called out the name of 'Licht' once again, to Jekyll.

Jekyll tilted his head at him,confusion written all over his face as his Crimson Eye was covered by his bangs while his Crimson-Red-Demon-Winged Backpack shown off for compensation.

"LICHT!" Hyde stepped up,and trudged his feet towards Jekyll, and Jekyll immediately became alarmed as he stood up from his seated position, with everything being seen by the bystanders.

  Just before Jekyll was about to flee and make his grand escape before this maniac got to him, Hyde grasped onto the two of his hands, cupping them into his own.

  Jekyll flinched at this contact made between the two, but Hyde wasn't letting go, and was even grasping them tighter and letting them loose at different points of time,testing if they were real.

  Once it was confirmed that the hands he were touching were warm and full of life and not dead, cold, lifeless or just an illusion,he immediately let his tears fall like a waterfall.

  Jekyll was just confused.

  Hyde tackled the confused Jekyll into a tight hug, but loose enough to let him breathe for air and not die of asphyxiation.

  "L-Licht..!You're alive!You're actually alive!" He cried into the shoulder of Jekyll, wetting his clothes a little,and by this time,Jekyll was seriously alarmed and confused.

  Jekyll pushed Hyde away,which made Hyde give a sad pout,"Why did you do that,Licht-Tan-"

  "Who the hell are you?"

Jekyll snarled, and Hyde became confused, thinking that Jekyll was just playing with him,"C'mon, Licht-Tan. It's not good to lie,y'know?"

  Jekyll glared at him, and that made Hyde pout even more, while everything was seen by the confused bystanders, confused that a hooded guy just came in and was suddenly hugging the Pianist.

  Mind you,Hyde's hair was completely covered by the hood.

And that was when,Hyde noticed the change of hair colour in Jekyll's hair.Instead of him being a ravenette now with a streak of white on the side, he was an albino with a streak of jet-black-raven hair.

It was like everything was inverted,from black to white, to white to black.

However,Hyde took it as a joke and he jested as he flipped and fondled with Jekyll's hair,"Ahahaha, Licht-Tan! That's a nice change of hair colour, y'know? It's super nice!It's like everything is inverted! Did you dye it or something-"

"Don't you dare touch me,stranger," Jekyll snapped,putting emphasis on the 'stranger' as he swatted Hyde's hand that was fondling with his hair away,much to Hyde's shock.

" 'S-Stranger'..? Licht-Tan,what are you talking about? I'm not a stranger to you-"

"Shut up," Jekyll growled murderously as killer intent leaked from him,him being angered and irritated that this guy kept on pestering him, even though he said that he was already a stranger.

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