JK ( BTS Run! Ep 29 )

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Since the boys have shooting schedules for BTS RUN, you've decide to bring them some food you made by yourself since you don't want to tired Jin out by asking him to cook for his 6 children.

And since you haven't done this to your boyfriend Jungkook since a couple months ago.

You've arrived there around lunch time, perfect for the meal you brought. They are just shooting the last part which is trying on the outfits that the members chose.

You can see Jungkook with pink—yes, pink—colored shirt with black pants and his usual black shoes.

As soon as you seen him, he did;

As soon as you seen him, he did;

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and you just blushed.

Since you realized it was Jimin's clothes and Jungkook looks more of a "boyfriend material".

For sure, he has that victory smirk since he made you blush.

this look of JK kill every ARMY
i will update alot of chapter this week and next week since i'm more relas for school now
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