The Beginning Part 1

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Karen's POV...

That man has to be the biggest arse I have ever met.

How dare he tell me that I do not know what I am doing. I know plenty of what I am doing. It was, after all, my own idea which changed my parent's perception of what our companies future should be like.

How dare he think he has the right to tell me what to do. I have no idea what I was thinking when I suggested getting in contact with them and asked them for a particular service which would enhance ours for the benefit of everyone involved along with the public.

My team always think of the public first. That and the amount of waste that gets tossed out as garbage and how it affects the environment. When the environment is affected, so are we too affected. And our children.

Our company does two main things where our recycling is concerned.

The first one is that we turn our green waste into a biodegradable fuel that works in the running of the standard home as it powers up essential equipment the family needs from the washing machine to the small fridge. The television and the laptop are not forgotten either. Our company is in the process of building a unit for the house to power it's own fuel that they can recycle all the waste into.

But we need one particular unit to complete it. That is where Bolton Industries come into it. But they are not cooperating with us at all. Mainly because of some twit who thinks he knows better than we do. But I do not think so.

Anyway, the other is that we now acquire all the plastic we can and crush it down and turn it into sheets for household construction. So far, we have kept out millions of tonnes of plastic waste from much of the landfill around us with doing what we are with our recycling practices.

I am all for also upcycling everything when it has passed its use by or best by date.

What is of special interest is the sheets of plastic which have shown their potential uses with being both an insulation for home construction. But they also have shown that with the right frame, these sheets can actually be made to build houses of various sizes. And, the best thing about it is the cost involved.

It is very cost effective. In other words, it's cheap.

Apart from the foundation, windows and bathroom furnishing, we can build a small two bedroom home for under ten thousand dollars which rivals some of the state of the art homes out there. What was once just a dream for some people is now within reach where it is now very affordable.

If you don't mind not living in a mansion. These homes are small and somewhat compact. Not the big mansion that Mr rich Joe Bloe has down the road. But they are spacious to a point. If you do not clutter them up.

But still, we need the help of a certain company to improve its construction and structure. Sure, we could go with some other company, but the Boltons have proved themselves reliable as well as trustworthy. Those two assets are some of the biggest draws that my dad likes when dealing with other companies.

But the man is an arse. Or his son is, I mean. He thinks that our business will fizzle out within a year or two. But we know it won't and he thinks that going into business with us will ruin their own company.

The dumb arse. But he hadn't counted on me. Or my stubbornness either. What I want, really, really want... I usually get. I will just have to work a bit harder at it. Only because I am a girl and no one outside of my family think girls have any business sense. Like that dumb arse does.

Mick Bolton. Prepare to meet your doom. 

It comes care of me, the one with the name belonging to one Karen Lindsey. Little did I know that the arse was going to be changing my world and turn it upside down within months of us meeting each other. Thanks to our fathers.

But that's okay. I don't mind a bit of excitement as well as a challenge or two. I faced them before and I am sure I will be facing them again.

So, Mr. Mick Bolton, bring it on. I can handle you. The real question is... Can you handle me?

                                                 Authors Note:

I will be starting this story once I have finished a couple of others. But, if you think this one is good so far, just let me know. I appreciate the feedback which will help me continue.

Thanks from Me... you know who I am.

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