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Hellur guys this is jokes that are made by other people or by me! I will tell when I came up with the joke!

Some jokes are offensive/naughty/mean so please, if you get offended do not comment on how offensive it is I will tell you guys when it is offensive and if you read it.

Its your fault not mines.

If you read it and you get offended and I didn't put the Offensive sign, PM me, don't comment on how offensive it is!

I'm just warning you guys, because some jokes are really offensive to some people and I don't want people getting offended, I know how it feels, it doesn't feel really great. [ Religion Problem ]

Anywho, I hope you get a bunch of laughs!


[ This Joke Is Offensive To Some People ]

Couldn't put RAEPING TIEM, it's not the best moment to write that. XD

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