(27) Cuphead (OC Request)

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Hey guys! :)

Warning: This is a name request and if your name isn't Isabella I suggest you don't read (Unless you want to, I ain't stopping you)

Requested by: raiderisabela18


There were once two 15-year-olds named Isabella and Hiro. Hiro was a child prodigy at SFIT while Isabella was just an ordinary girl and his best friend.

Isabella had a friend named Layla. She was good friends with the gang (Tadashi is included) too!

One day, everyone had enough of the lovey-dovey stares that Hiro and Isabella would glance at each other so often. They decided to confront Hiro about his upcoming confession and made him do it with their help.

On the day of his confession, he walked towards his lab (He asked Isabella to come there) to tell Isabella about how he feels and he was very nervous about it.

When he was about to enter, he heard Isabella's exasperated sigh. "I REALLY wish I could go to Inkwell Layla! I REALLY want to go there. I want to meet my favorite bosses!" She spoke.

"But you know it's just some rubbish! No one has come to Inkwell! It's just a videogame Isa!" Layla snapped, her animatronic voice rang in Hiro's ears.

Isabella was talking to Layla on her phone.

"I have a feeling that any elevator could bring you to the Inkwell once you press 15 buttons!" Says Isabella in a hopeful tone.

Layla rolled her eyes as they were having a video call. "I'm just telling you that you're going crazy."

Isabella huffed. "I am not! And it's true! I have this gut feeling!"

"Anyways," Layla started, clicking her tongue just to not make her snap some sense into Isabella. "I know Hiro is going to be there soon. Good luck! Ciao~!" And then Layla hung up.

Isabella sighed irritatedly and put her phone on her pocket, muttering some light curse words to Layla.

Hiro snapped out off his eavesdropping.

He suddenly got an idea but he already knows that it's going to be stupid, he thought to himself.

He silently walked inside as he saw Isabella clutching her head in irritation.

He cleared his throat that made Isabella jump.

She whipped her head, making her long brown hair fly on her face, over her shoulder to see Hiro.

She sighed in relief and smiled at him, fully turning around to face him.

"Hiro." She greeted while laughing a bit. "You scared me."

"Ah, hahaha.." Hiro laughed nervously as he scratched the back of his neck, looking away from her.

"Sorry bout that." He smiled sheepishly at Isabella while making his hand fall to his side.

"I.. Um.. Wanted to bring you somewhere.." Hiro muttered quietly, averting his gaze from Isabella to the ground as her brown eyes eyed him curiously.

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