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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 24

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Draco Malfoy supposed it might be best to declare himself a bit sloshed. No small feat, given his lycanthropy. That, or he'd been hexed because nothing else could've resulted in him sending a group patronus to Blaise, Theo, Greg, Potter, Weaselbee, Weaselbee's brothers, Longbottom, and Scamander, inviting them to the Manor. Worse, he must be utterly addled to have done so claiming that if their brides-to-be were getting sloshed and getting to know one another, it might be in their best interests to have a few pints together to ensure the crazy bitches didn't figure out how to manipulate them.

"This is madness," Potter declared, staggering slightly on his way toward Draco where they were all traipsing across the Quidditch pitch, drunk, with the intention of a midnight game for no other reason than that Blaise had taunted Weaselbee about who was a better player, Ron or Ginny.

"Scared, Potter?" Draco sneered.

"Fuck off with your 'scared'," Potter replied, laughing and surprising the hell out of Draco. "Every time you say it I feel like we're at that bloody duelling club of Lockhart's in second year, first time we duelled, you remember?"

"How could I forget, Parselmouth?" Draco taunted, smirking. Shit, he must be drunk if he was teasing Potter.

"Shove it, Malfoy," Potter said. "Don't supposed you'd care for a re-match to see who the better Seeker is these days?"

"It's me, Potter," Draco assured him. "Werewolf senses, see? I can hear the snitch fluttering about when it's loose and spot it far better than you can, Four-Eyes."

"Four-Eyes?" Potter scoffed. "What are you? Five? Lay off or I'll start making werewolf jokes."

"Like I haven't heard them before. They're Blaise's favourite."

"He taunts you for being a werewolf?" Potter frowned a bit.

"He thinks it's hilarious. His favourite are the 'A werewolf, a vampire and a hag walk into a bar' type jokes. They're all terrible."

"That's just... sad," Potter declared, looking at Blaise where he was practically tripping over his own feet. The bunch of gits had all tried to keep up with Draco's drinking pace, forgetting that Draco was a hermit, a werewolf, and something of an alcoholic in his solitude.

"That's Blaise for you. Thinks he's hilarious, though."

"He and Ginny will get along like a house on fire," Potter mused. "She loves those kinds of jokes."

Draco smirked, thinking that Zabini and the Weaselette already got along like a house on fire. In fact, he'd put good money on them almost burning Blaise's house down with their wild shagging. At least, he would based on the fact that when she'd turned up at her flat with Granger after spending the day 'moving in' with Blaise, she'd reeked of Blaise and of sex. Not that he was about to tell Potter that.

"Actually, while those other tossers are all busy," Potter went on when Draco made no reply. "I wanted to talk to you about Hermione."

"Is this the portion of the evening where we all start threatening each other not to be bastards?" Draco drawled. "Because if so, I've got an earful for Weasley."

"Just don't hurt her, Malfoy," Potter grumbled, catching his elbow and pulling him to a stop even as some of the others kicked off, shooting into the air to play the game despite not having released the balls yet.

Draco glanced down at the hand on his elbow, always surprised when anyone willingly touched him – especially when they knew he was a werewolf. He narrowed his eyes on Potter.

"Don't look at me like that, Malfoy," Potter warned when Draco bared his teeth at him. "I'm not scared of you, werewolf or not. I threw a punch at Remus one night when he gave me that shit, so knock it off or I'll throw one at you, too. I'm not trying to tell you what kind of husband to be and I'm not going to threaten you because I know Hermione can handle herself and that she'll walk all over you if the need arises. Just... don't hurt her. Don't be you usual arsehole of a self. I know what you used to do to Parkinson at school and I know what will happen if you try and pull that shit with Hermione. I'm not here to warn you not to mess with her, I'm trying to warn you that if you do, she'll fuck you up."

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