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Mary's pov

I went to get my hair and makeup done  . I have 1 hour until prom starts . I'm kind of sad and happy at the same time .  I arrived home .
My make up looked amazing it coordinated with everything.  I put on my dress .  I stared at my self in the mirror for a long time . I admired the view of me growing up .  I looked over my shoulders and saw my mom and dad smiling at me .  I smiled back . I mean what else can I ask for . It doesn't matter if I don't have my family to take pictures of me and embarrassing me  in front of my  date . Even though I would love to have that I don't .  I put on my jewelry and all the rest of the accessories.

I only have 20 minutes to leave I called my limo .  I got in the limo . I haven't posted any pictures of me or taken any . My stomach had butterflies I felt nervous someone is going to say or do something to ruin this night . I just hope and pray it doesn't. I arrived I fixed my self and got out of the limo all by myself I got some looks but I shrugged them off .
I walked in by myself. I felt eyes on me .

I didn't talk to anyone I was just enjoying myself. Couples danced. People enjoyed everything , they also voted for prom queen and king. It was like in the movies except I had no date . I walked around and enjoyed the view .   They had us on a boat  that was cool .

I stood by the edge where you can see the view of the ocean and the moon . It looked beautiful. 

"You look pathetic."a girl voice said from behind me .

I turned to see Clare and behind her was Ethan in a amazing tux .

" you look beautiful I love your dress it looks good on you ." I said and flashed her a smile.

"Tonight I just want to enjoy the night please don't cause any problems."I said politely.

She walked away with Ethan and disappeared into the crowd of people.

I kept staring out to the water .

"Sorry to interrupt but you look amazing babygirl." I heard Grayson's voice .

"You're the first to actually say that ." I said turning around to face him .

"Oh really ."

"Yes really ." I chuckled .

" I heard you had no date and what a coincidence I don't either." He said .

"Oh really ."

"Yes really I was thinking if you could be my date to prom . I know I didn't do none of those corny promposals but I thought you might not care ."

"I'm sorry we shouldn't be talking this is wrong . You're just going to hurt me I saw the way you looked at me in class . " I said snapping into reality.

I walked out of the prom room . I stood next to the rails and looked at the water . I just keep getting played . I have to stop falling so easily.

2 hours later

They are now calling prom king and queen so i walked back In to see who won .

"This is the moment you have all been waiting for . We now have the vote in who won prom King and queen from Vista High ! The prom king is ! DRUM ROLL PLEASE! ETHAN DOLAN ! And prom queen ! DRUM ROLL ! MARY FENTY !" The girl shouted I was confused I didn't even run for it .

I walked up and got crowned next to Ethan.

"The queen and king now have to dance ." The girl said .

"Psst ! I can't dance with her there's no way ." He whispered.

"You have to ." The girl said .

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