Your Gaze

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Your gaze thickens my blood , and burden's my bones

Your endless stares fill my insides with stones

When your eyes meet mine I fall into a haze

I keep telling myself it's just a phase

Deep inside I only want you to glance my way

Maybe a warm smile to etch your face that'll make my day

I'm swallowed by the deep mess inside your eyes

And inside them , I'm met with incoherent replies

Do I make your pulse hit the roof and your bones smash walls

Or am I just among other droplets every time rain falls

Soon enough your eyes didn't feel like pins and needles small in size

But more like crashing waves and sudden tsunami tides

I find myself drowning too often , it what seems like quick sand

I can't get away because I've fallen too hard and there's nothing to grasp on land

I remember the last time I saw you before you left

The misplaced feeling across my skin it crept

Your eyes missed mine every time they took a shot

Just look at me please , am I asking for a lot ?

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