Converting Your Twin To Islam

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  • Dedicated to All Muslim Girls!

Zarah lived a life without knowing she had a twin. She lived in a muslim household, with a religious life style. She went to a public school, met good friends (most of which were muslims), and had a good life. But soon that changes when Sarah, her other twin enters her life. Sarah grew up in a non-muslim household, with a non-muslim life style. Sarah went to a different public school, met bad friends, and had a horrible life which she called freedom. When Sarah enters her muslim family, she gets extremely uncomfortable and annoyed. The people she once called 'terrorists' were now her family members...

~~~ Assalamualaikum wa rehmatullahi wa barakaatuhu! Hi! Hey! Konichiwa! Annyong! Hello!

My name's Amna, and I'm writing this story for fun! AND for the people who want to read it! I really LOVE the concept of twins and islam and I couldn't help but write about it!
Anyways I hope you fan, vote, and Comment!

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