Chapter 27: Commands

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“Why?” I cried out angry when I spotted Lydia in the corner. She strutted up to me and slapped me across the face. “You need to learn respect for me little one. You got me into trouble with my brother! Do you have any idea how embarrassing that is?! Now as much as I dislike Amin here…I hate you more. Have fun Amin…she seems like she’d be a cat in bed.” She poofed out leaving the two of us alone.

“Let me go you scum-” He shut me up by hitting me. “Only speak unless I give you rein!” He spoke in the commanding tone, making my headache double. My mouth shut with an audible snap. He sauntered over to me and picked up a piece of my hair.

“I’m going to have so much fun with you little one.” I glared at his old nickname for me. He chuckled with a dark tone and got too close to my face, “Yes…very fun indeed.” He then smashed his lips to mine.

Chapter 27:

Gordon’s POV:

“Aw! Look at the puppy!” I heard some girly squeals as I got this ridiculous, frilly looking get up. It’s for Isis, I kept thinking to myself. If the guys see me in this, I’m done for. Shaking my head I headed out and the photographer tossed over some huge dress for Isis to try on. I chuckled and walked over to where we had to be. Thank goodness the one we were using was out of the public eye!

“He’s so cute! Come here little guy!” I looked around the corner to see a small husky puppy lapping up the attention on the onlookers. It made me smile, but I stayed where I was. Didn’t want anyone to see me! Picking through some props I found a cool sword. Oh yeah, now we’re talking! When I grabbed at it, a huge spider came crawling back making me yell and jump back. Holy sh*t! That thing is huge! (A/N Be mature people ;)

I was shaking…huh, that freaked me out, but I shouldn’t be that scared. My mind suddenly snapped to Isis. Oh no! I dropped the plastic sword and I began to run to her dressing room.

“Isis?!” I called out without getting a reply. I ripped back the curtain and saw it was empty. My heart was racing, no, no, no, no! I looked around to see where she could have gone without being seen. I’m sure if anyone would’ve seen her trying to leave the store I would’ve heard. I looked over to see an exit.

“Don’t even think about it!” I looked over to see the photographer wagging his finger at me. “Those costumes are not cheap! Now where’s your- Oh my God, she stole it! She stole my precious dress!” He yelled out when he spotted the empty dressing room. I growled angry and grabbed him by the collar.

“Listen! I need to find her so I don’t have time for this. Try to stop me and I’ll break your legs, got it?” He nodded in fright so I dropped him, “Good.” I took off to the exit, with my heart racing. Isis?! Sugar, can you hear me- I cut off the link when a shooting pain shot through my head. Why?! Why did I have to block our mental link when we were getting dressed? I mean I knew I was thinking about wishing her free, and now…I shook my head at the dark thought.

I busted through the door and scanned the outside before my heart dropped at the sight before me. Amin had Isis! Something was wrong with her though, she seemed so out of mind! I began to run over to them, but they were so far away! Suddenly, Lydia showed up and tossed something at Amin. With wide eyes I saw it was Isis’ lamp.

“No!” I screamed out and ran faster than I ever had. Amin looked back at me then said something to Lydia. Just as I reached them they all turned to smoke and disappeared. I fell to my knees as the feeling of fear and failure washed over me. I punched the ground, making my hand throb, but I ignored it.

I couldn’t give up though. Not when she needs me. I wouldn’t ever stop looking for her. Getting up I quickly ran back inside to get Corbin. I needed help, and maybe even get Lyle and Benny too. People stared as I ran past but I didn’t care. It didn’t matter that I was dressed like I was in some Shakespeare costume. When I made it inside, I scanned the entire area, trying to find them.

Finally I found them at the food court, and rushed over. When they spotted me they all busted up laughing. I felt angry, only because I couldn’t get a word in since they were to busy laughing. I hit Corbin over the head hard making him glare at me, “Dude! What the hell?!” He asked. I grabbed him up by the arm.

“I need you to come with me.” Looking at Lyle, Benny and the other girls I grimaced, “I need you guys too. Sorry girls, here’s some money to get a cab home. This is an emergency.” They all looked worried now and the girls pouted making me frustrated. “But we can help! Hey…where’s Isis?” Sherri asked. I reached in my pocket and thrusted some money at her.

“I don’t have time for this! C’mon guys.” I knew I was being rude, but I couldn’t care less. Isis was missing and with that pr*ck, Amin. The guys kept asking questions, but I ignored them until we got to the car. Once inside, I drove off. My legs itched with my new clothes. “Have the girls pick up my clothes on their way home.” I instructed quietly as my mind raced. I knew one of them must have had one of the girl’s numbers.

“Gordon! What the hell is going on?” Corbin asked. I sighed and hit the steering wheel, “Isis is gone.” I answered. I passed car after car to race home. Amin had to head home at some point. And I was going to be there when he does.

“What do you mean Isis is gone?!” He asked alarmed. I looked at my rearview mirror at my other two friends and decided they needed to know if they could help me. “Guys…Isis is a genie. I found her on my beach trip a while back.” Corbin sucked in a breath through his teeth and looked behind him to see the guys’ reaction. They stared as if I was dumb or crazy.

“Okay seriously, what’s going on?” Lyle asked after  a moment of silence. “Can you explain, I need to focus on not crashing.” I asked Corbin. He nodded and proceeded to tell them what I had said was true. He had seen it with his own eyes. Suddenly someone slapped the back of my head causing me to swerve too close to the car driving next to us. It honked and sped off further away from us.

“You idiot! You almost made me hit that car!” I yelled out. My nerves were already on a thin wire. Benny glared at me, “You deserve it! You’re only now just telling us?! I thought we were better friends!” I sighed and pinched the bridge of my nose.

“You can get after me later. Right now we have bigger issues.” I paused and looked gravely at them. “Isis was taken by Amin.” I spoke to Corbin. He sucked in a breath and swore. “Wait whose Amin?” Lyle asked. I looked at him through the rearview mirror.

“Clip notes version is thousands of years ago, Amin was Isis’ genie. He tricked her into using her last wish to wish him free, only to trap herself to becoming a genie herself. He turned human again. Back to the present, we bumped into him per say. You know him as Mr. Smith.” I explained. Benny gave out a low whistle. “No sh*t? How?” He asked. I’ve been speeding so much that I was already half way home.

“He slept with what Isis called an ‘original’ genie named Lydia, and p*ssed her off by ditching her. She made it so he can never die, so he outlived the one he loved. So he’s human, but can’t die. Well, I may have p*ssed off Lydia too not too long ago and she’s after both Isis and I. Amin and her are now working together and now they have Isis…with her lamp. Which means, Amin…is now her new master. I have to get that lamp back!” I roared out at the end and hit the steering wheel again.

“We’ll get her back.” Corbin said to reassure me. Lyle placed a hand on my shoulder, “I may be ticked off that you decided not to tell Benny or me, but we’ll help too. So…what should we do now?” He asked. I shook my head in answer and sped up faster. “I don’t know yet, I’m thinking.”

Isis’ POV:

I pushed Amin off of me with all the force I had. He stumbled into a desk. I assumed we were at his place. He sneered at me and then slapped my face hard. The pain ricocheted across my face. He in turn grabbed his own face and cursed. He had built  the bond quickly so now he feels what I do physically. He glared at me.

“I nearly forgot about that little trick. I can fix that.” He smirked and closed his eyes, not worried about me hurting him. He knew I couldn’t, not if I wanted to go through immense pain in turn. Soon he opened his eyes and gave me a look that made my skin crawl. As quick as lightening he punched my stomach making me heave but he laughed.

“A good blocking technique I learned.” He snickered and pulled me up by my hair. I cried out in pain. “Please Amin! What do you want?!” He got dangerously close to my face.

“I want my destined one back! But since that can’t happen, I will settle with you.” He then kissed me again so hard, it hurt my teeth, and made me fall into a chair that was behind me. It gave me a chance to breathe for a moment. I needed to get out of here! “You and I both know you can’t do that. That was one of my wishes when you were my genie.” I stated coldly. He chuckled darkly, and lifted my chin to look at him forcefully.

“You think I can’t get past that?” I knew he was right. After all, one of my old masters had tried and nearly succeeded. My eyes began to well up in anger and fear. “Amin…you know the pain of losing a destined one. Don’t let me experience that please.” I begged. He merely laughed in my face.

“I got nothing to lose! Why not enjoy things right now?” He dragged me up and threw me to the bed. I bounced slightly and poofed away and near the door, “Don’t leave his room unless I give you permission.” His voice boomed around them room, making me freeze on the spot. I could feel what was like a tether that prevented me to take that wanted step out of here. I glared at Amin with so much hate I swear he flinched.

“Come here. Now.” he commanded. My feet moved on their own accord. No matter how I tried to fight it, I could feel the golden bands on my wrists and neck tighten painfully. It was like they were strangling me and burning me at the same time. With a grunt I landed ungracefully by his feet. He pulled me up by my arms and then pushed me back on the bed.

“Please Amin! Don’t do this!” I begged. He got on top of me and looked into my eyes. “Stay here in this position until I say.” He ordered and got off to walk out the room. I couldn’t move a millimeter even if I tried. I groaned out loud in anger. I let my mind wander to Gordon.

My heart clenched painfully at just the thought. I need him! But I also don’t want him hurt. I thought of his smile, and how much he’s changed over the course of a short while. I can only hope after all this is done that he doesn’t revert back to where he was before all this happened. He has such a good heart, and I’m praying he let’s the world see it.

Amin had been gone awhile, but after a short time wondering he came strolling in as he finished off a sandwich. “I need the energy for what we’re about to do.” He smirked. I tried to move again but couldn’t. He chuckled at my feeble attempts. Although I couldn’t move, I knew he could see I wanted to. He climbed on top of me and began to suck on my neck so hard I tried to cry out but couldn’t.

“You can move. I want a little resistance.” I immediately tried to move out from under him but it only made him grab my wrists and prevent me from getting away. “Let go of me!” I yelled out. I felt his teeth sink harshly on my shoulder making me cry out. I felt so helpless I wanted to cry. I heard a door somewhere downstairs bang open causing him to stop and get off of me.

“Looks like your boy toy is here. Let’s have some fun. Get up Isis.” I got up instantly feeling dread wash over me. Why?! Why is Gordon here?! “Isis?!” I heard him call out. Amin grabbed me and pulled me in front of him like a shield. “Do you want to play a little game with me?” he asked lowly in my ear. I choked out a cry but didn’t reply.

The door to the room burst open revealing Gordon, Corbin, Lyle, and Benny. Oh God he brought them too?! “Gordon you need to le-” Amin tightened his hold on me, “Quiet now love.” My mouth snapped shut to his demand. Gordon growled at him in anger.

“Let her go!” He shouted out. Amin chuckled in response, “Now why on earth would I do that? We were just getting to a good part before you showed up. You’re welcome to watch if you wanted. In fact let’s get Isis here ready. Strip Isis.” He ordered. I tried so hard to not listen to him, but my hands shook with the effort as I began to take off my clothes. Gordon made a step to me but Amin grabbed me and pulled me further int his side.

“You can stop. I think lover boy has the picture.” I breathed out a sigh of relief and quickly redid the fasten of my top which was now half way undone. I saw Gordon had grown more cautious as he stepped away a few steps. Amin smirked at the situation.

“Isis…conjure up a sharp, long, knife.” He ordered. Fear spiked through me but I was helpless to do anything but comply. The knife I conjured up was deadly. I knew just by holding the golden hilt it was harp enough to cut through anything like butter. The bladed itself looked to be about eight inches. Amin came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my torso.

“Now Isis…plunge that knife through Gordon’s heart.” His command made my heart stop as I looked at Gordon in horror. My feet began to move towards him.


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