New York

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Human Name - Jessamine Ada Jones

Place of Representation - New York

Age(appearence-wise) - 16-17 Years

Gender - Female

Appearence - She has an average figure and somewhat muscular build. Her spiky auburn hair is usually pinned up with an Italia curl on the right side of her head. Her eyes are a midnight blue; like the night sky. She is pale, and never grows hair anywhere other then her scalp and eyebrows due to a disease.

Attire - Normally she wears a white tank-top with a knitted sunshine yellow sweater that exposes her right shoulder. She wears skinny-jeans along with navy flats that have little bows on the top. 

Personality - She is loud and oblivious, much like her oldest sibling, Alfred. She also has a sweet side to her, and comes off as a rather bubbly person. Though, it is rather easy to spike her temper, please do not do that (She is part of the Italian mafia. DON'T DO IT). She is terrified of airplanes, helicopters, and the Middle-East (9/11/01).

Passions - She is a major Potterhead, despite the franchise being from England. Music is her life, and she would probably curl up and pretend to die if it was stolen from her somehow. Espescially Nightcore and Dubstep. Coffee is her maker.

Others - She has nightmares about 9/11, often enough she wakes up sweating and crying. During that time, she suffering the physical effects of the towers and has the scar to this day on her calf. She looks up to the majority of New England,. She sometimes wonders how they forget the past and move on, but doesn't bother asking for fear of being shut out. She is protective of her twin, Connecticut, and hates England because of how he effected and broken her family during the wars.

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