Boo'd Up| 6

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(Javier up top)

Two months later....

Ive been working for Sebastian for about three months now. Im sure I've seen all of his moods and he only had three. Neutral, Angry, Furious. But he was starting to be more comfortable with me and I was beginning to see different sides of him. Like his innate sarcasm.

Javier and i had been going out consistently and we made our relationship official a week ago. He supported my work and aspirations. He put time into me that I didn't even think he had. I really, really cared about him. In Kayla's words we were always "Boo'd up".

I arrived to work today earlier than usual and to my surprise Sebastian was there already too. He was asleep in my office. I chuckled and sat my things down. He literally had nothing to do for the next three hours and I wasn't going to be rude so I just let him sleep while I got done filing some papers.

When he finally came to he looked at me confused. "How Long have you been here?" He asked. "Two hours." I responded.

"And you just let me sleep?" He asked. "Yes, you weren't bothering me and you didn't have anything to do that i know of." I responded.

"I will be sure to give you a raise." He said as he left my office. I didn't even get the chance to ask why he was in here in the first place.

I already got paid 30 dollars an hour, I usually worked 5 days a week and sometimes on weekend, and my weekly hours varied, so my check was pretty nice. With a raise my check would be exquisite.

I smiled and got back to work. Majority of my work day was pretty normal. I got lunch with Sebastians siblings, Alex and Amara and I barely had any work to do. Alex and Amara were really cool so we were slowly starting to become friends. I was always in their presence in meetings and stuff, but after a dinner banquet that the three of us joked our way through we started talking more.

"Hey Mr. Romano-"

"Nyla, I told you to call me Sebastián." He interrupted with a small smile.

"Sebastián, i should be leaving soon. I already emailed you your itinerary for tomorrow." I said. "You are probably one of my best assistants." He said.

I smiled and thanked him. "Have a good night, Nyla." He said. "Good night, Sebastian." I said and walked out of his office. Thank god he was in a good mood. He'll probably be mad in about ten minutes though.

Just as I left Javier called me. "You're carriage awaits, Princess." He said and I smiled brightly.

"You're corny and I love it so much." I said making him chuckle. "I'll be down soon, just gotta grab the rest of my things." I said.

"Alright, just hurry up so I can see your gorgeous face." He said. "Okay."

I hung up the phone and quickly grabbed the rest of my things. Just as I made it outside my phone dinged. I looked at it and saw an unknown number texted me.

He's only using you, love.

I stared at the message with furrowed brows. My expression reeked of confusion. Who's using me? I deleted the message and shook it off. Maybe it was sent to me by accident.

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