Chapter 9 - Harry

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As I entered the Owlrey a day later Harry was stood in the middle of the room reading a letter he had received. Seconds later the bird that had delivered the letter bit Harry on the finger, but it wasn't Hedwig.

"Who's it from?" I asked.

Harry jumped, he must've thought he was alone. He looked up at me as he shoved his letter into his pocket and the owl next to him flew off.

"Problem? Something you don't want me to see?" I suggested.

"First time meeting your brother and all your interested in is this letter?" Harry announced, seeming surprised that all I wanted to know about was what he was holding said.

I walked over to Niva and fed her some dead rats, ignoring Harry's question.

"Is it really a bad thing that i'm curious to know what my brother is reading?" I snarled. "I could ask about the Goblet incident instead, but I was trying to make this a pleasant convocation."

"That wasn't me." Harry snapped and I turned to face him.

"No need to get agitated." I stated. "I was just making convocation. Now back to the letter. Who is it from?"

"My uncle." Harry hissed.

"Our uncle." I corrected him. Any uncle of his was an uncle of mine, we are siblings after all. "Who is our uncle?"

"Sirius Black." He grinned.

"The mass murderer who escaped from Azkaban  to kill you? Is he inviting you over for a tea party? Oh how fun that'll be." I scoffed.

"He is not a mass murderer." Harry declared.

"Then what is he? A fairy princess?" I joked.

"Our only living relative who is a wizard." Harry stated. "He was mum and dad's best friend, went to school here."

"Can I see the letter?" I asked, trying a more gentle approach, Sirius obviously meant a lot to Harry.

Harry sighed and reached into his pocket to retrieve the letter, then he handed it over to me.

Harry. I couldn't risk sending Edward. It was since the world cup and the ministry's been intercepting more and more owls and she's too easily recognised. We need to talk Harry. Face to face. Meet me in the Griffindor common room at one o clock this Saturday night and make sure you're alone. P.S.... The bird bites.

"So you're meeting him tonight?" I asked.

"Yes." Harry answered. "You won't be able to come, it says to meet him in the Gryffindor common room, and you're a Slytherin."

"Oh well." I grinned.

"No." Harry declared. "I need to speak to Sirius alone, you'll get to talk to him another time."

"Fine." I huffed. "But if I can't meet with the two of you, you have to answer another one of my questions."

"Go ahead." Harry gestured.

"Why are you a contestant in the tri-wizard tournament?" I asked.

"I don't know." He blurted. "I know just as much as you."

"But that piece of paper didn't come from nowhere." I puzzled, determined to figure out how it got into the Goblet. "Do you think someone else put it in the Goblet?"

"Maybe." Harry trailed off, just as confused as me.

"Do you know what the first event will be?" I curiously asked.

"No idea. I'll ask around, someone must know and hopefully they'll tell me." Harry assumed. I guess it depended on who he was going to ask.

"Well if they don't, I'll talk to them." I grinned.

"That's okay." Harry laughed.

"Fine, don't appreciate me trying to help you." I joked, turning back to Niva and stroking her lightly on the head.

"It's not that." Harry stated. "Its just, I can't imagine that convocation going very well."

It went silent for a second, then both me and Harry burst out laughing. It was nice, we connected straight away after a bumpy beginning. It felt as if I had someone to talk to. We talked for a while sitting outside the owlrey, Harry told me about Sirius and his past three years at Hogwarts. In his first year he defended the Philosopher's stone, a stone which could make you immortal, from one of Voldemort's followers and Voldemort himself. Second year he stopped 16 year old Voldemort and helped close the Chamber of Secrets once and for all. The Chamber of Secrets was home to a basilisk, a deadly snake who petrified muggle-born students due to it's owner, Salzaar Slytherin. Then, in Harry's third year he had saved Sirius and caught Peter Petegrew who had lead Voldemort to our parents, causing their death. Although he got away and Sirius was kissed by the dementors of Azkaban, practically killing him, but they went back in time using a time turner and saved his life. Ever since then Sirius and Harry had been writing to each other, and that night Harry was meeting up with him. Half way through Harry telling me about his third year at Hogwarts, we were interrupted by footsteps coming towards us. It was Draco.

"There you are!" He snapped. "We've been looking for you." Draco's line of vision shifted to Harry. "What are you looking at Potter?" He hissed.

"I'll talk to you later Harry." I whispered. "Good luck tonight."

I stood up and walked away with Draco, leaving Harry sitting on the floor outside the Owlrey. We headed back to the common room and sat in front of the fire joining Crabbe and Goyle.

"Good luck?" Draco questioned me, breaking the silence. "Why would you wish Potter good luck?"

"That's none of your business." I snapped.

"Oh really?" He stated.

"Yes, really." I answered back, rising to my feet. "I don't have to tell you everything you know. And I can talk to my brother without your permission, even if you don't like him. You know, I can't believe you. You think you own everyone and you prance about the school thinking you can control everyone. Well, the truth is, Draco, nearly everyone hates you. Your lucky I've stuck with you this long but I've had enough. Haven't you ever wondered why your only friends are Crabbe and Goyle?"

By that point everyone in the common room was looking at me, including Crabbe, Goyle and Draco. I left for the girls dorm before anyone could say anything and jumped into bed. I wrapped my blanket around myself and sat silently. Then Pansy and her group of friends burst into the room.

"Awah, has someone lost her only friend?" Pansy grinned and the rest laughed. "It's not like he actually liked you anyway."

I ignored her and eventually fell asleep, I didn't feel like fighting back. I woke up multiple times that night. Eventually, I got up and headed to the bathroom, which was empty. I headed over to one of the sinks and ran the cold tap, washing my face. I hated to admit it, but Harry was the only person I could talk to at that point in time, even though that day was the first time we had ever spoken.

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