Chapter 07 : New

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~Jane's POV~

"That was really good Mr -- uhm" 

"You can just call me Slendie no need for your sophistication"

"Oh--ok well Slendie that dinner was really good" I said giving him a smile "Well thank you for the meal but I think have to go home now"

"Why? come on please stay the night over" Sally said pouting "Well I'm not forcing you to..or do you have a boyfriend you have to come back to?" Sally said eyeing Jeff and I making me blush

"N-no..he's more like a pet"

"Oh..then I'll walk you home I wanna see your pet!" Sally exclaimed standing up from her chair "Let's go!" she said dragging me out the door

"Wai-" but before I could finish my sentence Jeff rushed to my side and grabbed my hands "What are you doing?" I asked

"I'm--I'm coming with you!" he demanded


After half an hour of walking we reached my house and see Grinny meowing at the window

"Aww!! is that your pet!?" Sally squeaked

"Uhm..yah but be careful around him" I warned as I opened the door revealing the feline on the table with it's bowl in front of him "Hi boy" I said

"Hi MASTER! where the hell have you been!? i'm so hungry and I don't have thumbs to put food in my bowl your starving me!!" he said a tint of sarcasm audible from his voice

"Woah!" I heard Jeff and Sally say in unison "Coool!"

"No not really he wouldn't shut up sometimes" I said giving Grinny a glare as I put food into his bowl and shoved it in front of him 

~New Character POV~

I followed Jeff, Sally and Jane back to Jane's house stealthily making sure I don't attract unecessary attention to me put my life in danger and Slenderman's going to kill me if I don't report to him that I have I walked back to the mansion I saw HER leaning against a tree polishing her knife with her sleeves

"Are you stalking me?" I asked as I approached her grinning

"Yah..sure I total-" but before she could finish her sentence I leaned down and connectected her lips with mine

"Eww! get a fucking room you two!" a familiar voice said behind us 

"I'm planning on it" I said eyeing her but kept my hands wrapped around her waist "Anyway have you two reported?" I asked 

"No we're waiting for you" they said in unison

"Ok-ok were going" I said putting my hands in the air in surrender 



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