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I got to the hospital and was shown to Jin's room. When I opened the door he gave me the kindest smile and I started crying.

"Hey don't cry. I'm fine."

He opened his arms to me and I almost crushed him as I flew into him.

"I'm sorry!" I screamed into his broad shoulder with rivers of tears falling from my eyes.

"Calm down..."

"I...can't!" I scream again and attempt to control my breathing but it gets worse and I start coughing.

"I'm ok...now how much did you tell Nam?"

There was a knock on the door and then Namjoon burst through it.

"Wtf Jin? Why do you always do reckless thinks like this?!"

"F*ck...look Nam, he was gonna yank her down the stairs by her hair if I didn't interfere! I won't watch a helpless girl get yanked down the stairs! Would you just watch Haru fall and break her neck?! I don't think so!"

Namjoon fell silent then slowly pushed me away to a chair in the far corner and whispered to Jin something that was inaudible.

Namjoon then angerly shook his head and left. I finally calmed down and brung the chair next to Jin and as I laid my head down by his arm, he ran his slender fingers through my hair and I closed my eyes.

I felt a pair of warm lips on my forehead and smiled softly. Then I fell asleep.

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