Twin Direction

Chapter Nineteen



“Oi, Bradford.” I groan, pushing Zayn away as I tried climbing over him. He had grabbed my ankle in the process, making me almost fall on him.

“Oi, California.” Zayn groans, letting go of my ankle and rolling over. He fell back asleep quickly and I made my way over to the bathroom. It was eight o’ clock, right on time.

                After taking a shower, I got out and brushed my teeth. By this time, everyone was up except for Zayn. He was still fast asleep. Surprise, surprise. I changed in the bathroom and poked him with my toe. He grunted, grabbing my toe and making me fall hard on my back.

“ZAYN!” I screeched, trying to push away. Louis bounds into the room and pushes Zayn’s finger off my toe. It pops, making me squeal. I hated the noise.

“What happened?” Liam laughs, walking into the room.

“He attacked me!” I screech, making Zayn wake up.

“Did not!” Zayn yells, crossing his arms across his chest.

“Did too!” I yell back, acting like a little kid.

“So, her toe just got into your hand automatically.” Louis laughs making Zayn give him a look. Zayn squeezes his eyes shut and falls back asleep. What a weirdo.

“You ready?” Liam asks and I give him a puzzled look. He knows about this too? How many people know about this?

“Yes?” I mumble, raising an eyebrow. I wasn’t sure if I was or not, actually.

                I looked down at my outfit uncomfortably. I was wearing short shorts with a tank top and a shirt of Liam’s that was too big so I tied it up in the back. I had on some of my older tennis shoes that I hadn’t worn for a long time. I didn’t have any idea of what I was doing today. So, ya, screw dressing up.

“Go get Mocha and Mango loaded up.” Gemma orders, coming into the room. She smiles and I hug her before running outside. The trailer was hooked up to the truck. Gemma and I must be going on a trail ride! Whoot!

                I loaded the horses quickly and threw the tack inside the trailer. I jumped in and buckled my seat belt while Gemma got in. She smiled and we left the house, zooming down the drive and down the road quickly.

“Where are we going?” I asked, leaning back and looking out the window.

“The Lake.” Gemma smiles and I settle in for the hour drive.

“Kelsey, wake up.” Gemma nudges me, making me jump out of bed.


“We’re here.” She laughs, pulling me out of the truck and we get the horses ready. I can hear a faint car but make nothing of it, tons of people come to The Lake to ride horses and swim. But, when the car pulls up alongside of us, I look in it. I was being nosy, wondering who was coming here without a horse trailer.

“Niall.” I snarl through gritted teeth. He sighs, climbing out of the car and standing in front of me.

“Aye.” He greets me and I roll my eyes, tightening Mocha’s girth and making the horse sigh.

“You don’t have to do that. You aren’t using the horses.” Gemma butts in and I give her a look. Oh fuck no. I am not dealing with this Irish leprechaun today. Not ever.

“No.” I said simply. I loaded both horses back in the trailer and got in myself, locking the door.

“Don’t make me get Harry and Liam!” Gemma yells, pounding on the window and making me laugh.

“Ya, because they’re scary.” I roll down the window just a crack so she can hear.

“I’ll bring Louis.” Gemma puts her hands on her hips and I just give her an odd look. “I’ll make him lick you.” This makes me jump out and lean against the truck, my arms crossed over my chest.

“How long is this going to take?” I ask, staring at both of the traitors. Gemma’s going to get killed when we get home. That’s just that. I can’t believe she set me up!

“Dunno.” Irish says and I snort.

“OMG, YOU SPEAK!” I gasp, faking shock.

“I already spoke.” He snaps and I laugh. Gemma leaves, leaving Niall and me alone. Awkward.

“Let’s go.” I sigh and we start walking down the trail, by ourselves.

Oh help me.

So. Sorry it’s kind of short.

I wanted to leave off like this!

Next one will be their date thing!

May make it two parts, just depends.

Sorry again that it’s short.

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