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Tsuna felt the warmth flow into her face 

She slowly turn her face into Reborn face. Her blush flow into her face.

Reborn saw his princess blush when she stare at him. An idea brought a mischievous smile his face 

'' Princess'' Reborn stare intensely at her face

Hayato who look at both of them felt blush flow into his face

She slap Reborn face

'' Ouch it's hurt princess'' Reborn fake tears

'' I am sorry I slapped Reborn face to hard'' Tsuna quickly sit down beside Reborn

'' I am fine princess'' 

'' Dinner's  ready'' 

'' Princess, Hayato let walked downstairs''

'' Hai Reborn'' Hayato said

'' Princess let's  me hold princess hand'' Reborn extend his hand

'' I felt embarrassed grandma will saw'' Tsuna hide her blush

'' Okay, princess'' Reborn chuckle

Reborn, Hayato, Tsuna walked downstairs

'' Grandma '' Tsuna quickly hug her grandmother

'' Tsuna chan'' Misa surprise and open her arms

'' I am sorry I hurt grandma feeling'' Tsuna sobbing in her grandmother hug

'' I never meant to hurt you'' Misa explain

'' I understand you love me grandma''

Misa relieve Tsuna accept her

'' growling '' 

Reborn, Tsuna, Misa turn their voice to owner of voice

'' I am sorry I am hungry now '' Hayato scratch his hair

Misa chuckle '' If you're hungry, just let me know, Hayato kun''

'' Hai Misa san'' 

Tsuna laugh so hard

Reborn, Misa and Tsuna delighted Tsuna okay

'' Let's eat now'' Misa said

'' Itadakimessu'' All in unison

After ten minutes

'' Misa san thank you for delicious food'' 

'' Hayato kun you welcome anytime to come here''

'' But...'' 

'' If you my grandchild friend I am willing to cook food for you''

'' Thank you Misa san''

'' Misa'' 

Misa turn her face to Reborn

'' I will be princess tutor as she Vongola heir'' Reborn voice out

Misa uncomfortable when Reborn voice out he want to be tutor means he will take Tsuna from her

'' Grandma'' Tsuna hold Misa hand

'' Yes Tsuna chan''

'' Even I far away from you one day I will visit you and you my only grandma I love so much'' Tsuna kiss her grandmother cheek

Misa moved 

'' Reborn I will support her decision and please take care of her'' Misa turn face to Reborn

'' Of course I will take care of her''

'' Me too Misa san I will protect her I am her guardian after all and her friend'' Hayato said with determination

Misa chuckle '' Good luck Hayato kun''

'' Hai Misa san''

Misa look at the clock on the wall

'' Hayato kun did you calling someone to pick up you? It's already late night''

'' I forget about that, may I borrow phone?''

'' Over there'' Misa pointing 

'' Thank you Misa san'' Hayato walked to phone

'' Misa I will live here to tutor princess, did in house have a spare room for me to sleep?''

'' Beside the kitchen but maybe the room felt dusty little bit''

'' It's okay I will clean up the room tomorrow''

Reborn turn his face to Tsuna '' Goodnight princess''

'' Goodnight Reborn''

'' Misa san my driver will soon pick up me''

'' Okay''

'' Yawn'' 

'' Tsuna chan go to your room now I know you exhausted''

'' Hai grandma''

'' Goodnight Hayato''

'' Goodnight Tsuna''


See you next time > <

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