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"Get off" The sound of a girl screaming broke the silence. "Kayleigh Mae!"

Olivia heard the screams and stood up,the clock read 5:45am,she knew it was Gabby.

Olivia ran into the room where Gabby was sleeping.

"Kayleigh Mae run!" Gabby yelled in her sleep."Gino! Get off of me!"

Olivia sat on the bed next to Gabby. "Gabs wake up."

Gabby sat up instantly. She looked around the room then grabbed on to Olivia's waist. "Im sorry."

"Don't be. They happen to me all the time." Olivia said sympathetically.

"He had- never mind" Gabby stopped her self.

Olivia bit her lip and nodded her head."you know its never helps if you don't talk about it."

"Who do you talk about yours too?" Gabby asked innocently.

"No one. And thats the worst part." Olivia said stroking the girls hair.

"You can talk to me." Gabby said leaning up against Olivia.

"You first?" Olivia said child like.

"Not a chance." Gabby looked up.

Olivia chuckled.

"Well about 3 months ago." Olivia started. "A man broke in here. He hurt me and did things to me."

"He raped you" Gabby filled in.

Olivia nodded her head. "He raped all my friends that I work with. He was invisible. Now promise you wont repeat what I said?"

"Promise." Gabby said.

"Well Zara,she was kidnapped and raped by this man. He broke in about a month later and held my friend and daughter hostage."

"Did he raped Paisley?" Gabby put her hands around Olivia.

"No-but he did put his fingers in her. I was sitting right there and I couldn't save her."

"Liv. Its not you fault." Gabby tightened her grip.

"Hes dead any way." Olivia said wiping away the tears. "Spill" she said to Gabby.

"Well this one was about Kayleigh Mae" Gabby said referring to her night mare.

"Whos Kayleigh Mae?" Olivia asked.

"Shes my best friend. She is 9. So this pimp Gino. Hes known to use little girls like us. We were walking through the streets when he took us in the alley and asked for the money i made taking a job from him."

"What kind of job?" Olivia got a knot in her stomach.

"I rather not say." Gabby said looked at the celing.

"Baby. You can tell me anything." Olivia knew what the 'job' was.

Gabby's grasp got tighter around Olivia's waist. "He- I- I was a pro"

"Honey. Look at me." Olivia said cupping Gabbys face. "You may have been forced to sell your body, but that does not make you a hooker. They want to, and you didn't your only 7."

"Really?" Gabby said a tear of hers fell on Olivia.

"Really." Olivia replied. "If you dont mind me asking, how many men?"

"About 5 a night. They normal pay for about 3 hours worth." Gabby said breathing calmer.

"5! Thats 15 hours on the street." Olivia felt sick about this.

"Just promise me one thing?" Gabby said firmly.

"Anything sweets." Olivia promised.

"Find Kayleigh Mae. Make sure she is alive. And she was working the night Gino came after us." Gabby looked Olivia straight in the eyes.

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