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"So, what's the plan?" Tom said, as he munched on his blueberry muffin.

"Head back to Adams and the gang. Figure out our next step."

I glanced around the donut shop. One guy, dressed in a dark business suit sat on a leather chair across the store, leg crossed over the other, reading a newspaper. A blond-haired woman, sitting at a small, round table, leaned toward her young kid, maybe five our six, and mopped up the milk he'd knocked over.

"Any ideas?" Tom asked.

"Nothing's come to me yet."

"It's not like we can hide forever. But how can we use our deaths to our advantage?"

"Thankfully it's summer break, less people on campus, just those lucky enough to be taking summer classes and living in summer housing."

Tom nodded as he looked over his coffee cup at me.

"So, Smith and Sean want to run TLC, just needed me and you out of the way so his evil demon gang had more run over the town," Tom said.

"I'm guessing."

"Doesn't Melace mean balance in more than just this town, though?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I've read the text book, and it says you balance out good and evil. But they can't just mean at this campus, right?"

"I suppose not."

"So, could that mean that maybe Smith is into something more? Bigger maybe?" I peeled a portion of my warm, blueberry muffin off and put it on my tongue. It dissolved instantly. I hadn't realized how hungry I was until the smell of fresh-baked donuts wafted over me when we walked into that donut shop. My energy returned with each bite.

Well, and plus the extra large coffee I'd ordered.

"We gotta figure out what he's up to and see how big or small it might be." I chased the bite of pastry with a gulp of creamed coffee. "What do your memories of the past Melace tell you about what your role is?"

"That we seek out the evil and destroy it. But it was so long ago, big cities, and the technology along with it was non-existent. But I sense the evil was great."

"Do all the Melace have telepathy like you?"

He nodded. "That's one of the traits, yes. It's needed to try and weed out the demons, I suppose. Shifters hide in plain sight. It helps let the Patronus know what the evil is so she can destroy it." Tom shook his head.

"What?" I didn't like the darkness that claimed his chocolate eyes. "What's wrong?"

He sipped his coffee then bore his gaze into me. "I failed you."


"I didn't see through Sean and Smith. You didn't know what it was that you should fight."

I skimmed my hand over the gold speckled table and laced my fingers with his. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean what I said out in that desert that you should have heard that. I was-"

"It's okay. It was true." He glanced at my hand intertwined with his. "I won't fail you again."

"Tom. You don't know everything from past Melace, so you're doing the best you can. We'll figure out what we're supposed to do together. Okay?"

He nodded.

"Now. Smith mentioned something about killing us before we could-"

A slamming door yanked my attention out the massive window to my right. A white SUV jostled on its hinges as two huge guys, wearing jeans and t-shirts, piled out.

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