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emsjones the last exam of the semester, i'm ready!

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emsjones the last exam of the semester, i'm ready!

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brunkill can't believe you ignored my desperate texts last night :(

emsjones @brunkill stfu, I always do your work

leswinters yet you almost slapped me when I asked you to do mine

sarahcoops go get 'em girl, I know you'll do just fine

leswinters kiss ass @sarahcoops

emsjones that's a totally different work to dive into, isn't it @leswinters

emsjones i don't mind checking it later @brunkill

brunkill you're a fucking angel in my life ems, thank you

leswinters another kiss ass, I can't 

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sarahcoops stop attacking my boy and I @leswinters

emsjones guys, pls we have a gc for this

brunkill did you just type "pls" and "gc"?

leswinters OMG @brunkill MARK THIS DAY

sarahcoops i'm dreaming, this can't be happening

emsjones  and i'm blocking 

imsebastianstan good luck! ;) 

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brunkill wth???? 

user01 @imsebastianstan ;)))) what is u doing here 

leswinters *correction* MARK THIS FUCKING DAY

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